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Don't install this antivirus extension in your browser if you don't want to get a virus!

Antivirus companies are competing to create features that besides being able to help users, can also profit from the extensions they provide? Harm for users? Of course, due to some extensions/add-o

Don't Install This Antivirus Extension In Your Browser If You Don't Want To Get A Virus! - In most antiviruses for computers that are currently available, they definitely provide various protections that are not only limited to scan against files only. They are now more complete by relying on features that have also penetrated the browser line, such as: toolbar nor link checker which can tell you whether a website contains harmful content or not.

However, something unexpected happened. Seeing the enormous potential of the internet and browsers, antivirus companies are competing to create features that can help, besides being able to help user, can also profit from extensions do they provide? Harm for users? Of course, because some extensions/add-ons it contains bugs which is dangerous. Therefore, through the following article, we will explain about extension What antivirus should you avoid to stay protected from stubborn viruses out there.

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Don't Install This Antivirus Extension In The Browser If You Don't Want To Get A Virus!

1. AVG Web TuneUp The Troubleshooter For Google Chrome

Did you know that AVG has extension for Google Chrome named AVG Web TuneUp? Extension which is actually useful for protecting users from dangerous websites, apparently it is known that it actually leads your personal data to the Internet hackers evil out there. In December last year, a Google employee namely Tavis Ormandy found a fatal security flaw in AVG Web TuneUp after extension it adds a lot JavaScript APIs to Chrome.

Unfortunately, most of those APIs are broken and vulnerable to exposing history from the user's browser to every website visited. In addition, this security vulnerability is also at risk of being exploited by irresponsible parties to hijack search results and also new tab from browsers.

2. McAfee and Norton judge that Microsoft Edge is not safe because the browser cannot be installed with an add-on)

Microsoft Edge, a new browser developed by Microsoft, is expected to be an improvement browser from Microsoft Internet Explorer. The security promised by the browser includes the availability of sandbox and leave compatibility for some plug-ins vulnerable like ActiveX. This step is good for users because it can avoid security loopholes may arise due to browsing activities.

However, McAfee and Norton have a different opinion. they feel that Microsoft Edge is an insecure browser because it can't be installed plug-ins belongs to the antivirus company. They even give messages in the form of pop-up so that Windows users are better off moving back to Internet Explorer instead of having to use Edge. A suggestion that doesn't make sense just because of the case plug-ins.

3. Avast Online Security Extension Displays Ads and Records User Activity

If you are a user of the Avast antivirus, then you will notice that software The security also installs extension named Avast! Online Security to Google Chrome. Extension It has a feature called SafePrice which can provide the cheapest price recommendations from the website online shop more when you're shopping on line. It's good, but that seems to be a disguised advertisement. If you click on a recommendation from what Avast has to offer, then the company will benefit from every click made.

That's how advertising on the internet works. But what's even more terrifying is, SafePrice also record user behavior when adventuring on the internet. Through this behavior, SafePrice can know the tastes of users and can display appropriate advertisements. Imagine, your browsing activity is actually recorded by another. Very uncomfortable.

Those are the 3 threats that you can get when you install extension from well-known antiviruses. Their intentions are indeed good by providing various kinds of security features, however bugs that came later and the wrong tactics of making money extension it is actually dangerous for the user.