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10 ways to play stocks for beginners, to make a lot of profit!

Check out tips on how to play stocks for beginners so that your investment doesn't fail. Make sure you understand the stock before you start!

Currently, investing is a common thing to be done by various groups, including young people. It's no wonder that many are looking for ways to play stocks for beginners.

This is because stocks are one of the long-term investments that yield large profits. Of course, there is a lot that beginners need to be aware of before jumping into the world of stocks.

Many of the beginners in stock investing are in a hurry to get big profits so they are not careful, even though they have poured a lot of money.

Well, failure caused by things like this is what makes some people discourage their intention to jump into playing stocks.

If you want to start investing in stocks but are still scared, read how to play stocks for beginners, which Jaka will tell you below to be brave and stay careful, OK!

How to Play Stocks for Beginners

Investing becomes easier because we can make transactions while relaxing at home.

From online gold investments to online stocks, everything is possible to do even with a capital of hundreds or even tens of thousands of rupiah. Very interesting, right?

But how do you actually learn to play stocks for beginners so that they are profitable, not stumped? Listen, Jaka's explanation!

1. Learn and understand stock investing well

Many beginners forget that stocks can indeed make big profits, but the risk is no less if we ignore the basics of stock investment.

In fact, playing stocks requires strategy, patience, and in-depth knowledge in order to get fantastic profits. Don't let the first point of how to play stocks for beginners you ignore.

So, don't be lazy to seek knowledge from trusted sources yes. You can also dive into the world of stocks using an online stock application to choose which one is the best.

2. Dig up valid information

As a continuation of the first point, there is already a lot of information that you can get online, you know.

Instead of relying on information from 'the word' and rumors circulating, you can directly access various valid websites, for example those of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), which you can access here.

IDX also provides online stock class which you can follow for free, you know. Here, you get information on how to play stocks for beginners.

3. Use capital wisely

Another thing that makes playing stocks excellent is that you can invest with minimal capital, even if you only have 100 thousand rupiah.

Some stocks are even priced at 50 rupees per share and sold in lots, which is 100 pieces. Imagine, you can have 1 lot of shares with a budget shake!

Eits, but of course the benefits you will get are directly proportional to the capital you spend, so make sure you spend your capital wisely.

Invest according to your ability, and if you have large capital, don't let it pour too much money without calculation, OK!

4. Buy stocks when the price is low

Just like buying other items, aim for the times when the stock price drops.

But that doesn't mean you can buy stocks without thinking, because falling stock prices can also be a bad sign. This point is an important one in how to play stock for beginners.

Therefore, you must have other strategies such as consider company and estimation will increase the share price in the future. Of course tricky and have to be careful.

5. Lyrics of stocks listed on the IDX30 or LQ45 index

Photo source: Fund Market

As a beginner in the stock sector, of course you don't want to bother looking for safe stocks for you to buy.

But it's not impossible that you can buy shares in the company with track record good and high liquidity on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

The trick is to choose stocks that are part of the index IDX30 or LQ45 which is guaranteed safe and has a good reputation.

6. Targeting banking companies or consumer goods industries

Photo source: ASEAN UP

There is another powerful way to play stocks for beginners, namely buying shares from bank or industry consumer goods.

Companies engaged in these two fields have businesses that are always needed by the community so that they can generate stable profits or even increase every year.

That way, the value of the shares you invest will be safe. Even if the stock price suddenly drops, companies like this will be able to bounce back and return to making profits.

It will be safer if you aim for stocks blue chip, namely the shares of the best and most promising companies, such as Bank BCA, Unilever Indonesia, and Bank BRI.

7. Choose a company whose financial fundamentals are stable

If you want to buy shares in fields other than those mentioned above, that's also fine, as long as you've done your research and read all the things about the company. How to play stocks for beginners is also one that is important to note.

Don't hesitate to take more time to select each company, also make sure the company's financial fundamentals are good so that losses can be minimized.

This step is important in learning to play stock for beginners so that the chances of success are greater.

8. Buy shares in different companies

The way to play stocks for beginners so that the risk of failure gets smaller next is to try to 'spread' your money in several different companies.

If your capital is not too much, buying shares in two or three companies is also enough, really.

9. Don't be easily tempted trading share

Investment and trading Stocks are two different things, because being a stock investor doesn't have to do anything trading.

Trading itself is buying and selling shares in a short time span (can be daily or weekly) by expecting stock price movements.

Even though it is claimed to produce more profits, your energy and time will be very drained to monitor every development every minute. If you are still a beginner, it's good skip first, come on!

But if you're still curious about what it's like trading stocks, you better learn first through a simulation application trading stock before actually doing it.

10. Invest for the long term

So that you can reap large and sustainable profits, be patient and careful in investing in stocks.

Although there are many people out there who are in a hurry to make a profit, you are better off waiting for your money to 'grow' in the right company, which will give you an advantage for next 10-20 years.

That way, you can enjoy the results of your investment and use it for future purposes. It's cool, if you can finally get established through stocks?

Well, that's 10 ways to play stocks for beginners to succeed and minimize the risk of failure. There's a lot to learn, here!

Even though you have tried to minimize failure, the risk is certainly there. For that, you also have to prepare mentally before investing in stocks. Good luck!

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