10 sites 'not important' but proven to relieve boredom

Everyone must have experienced boredom. To overcome that boredom, you can visit the following 10 sites that are proven to relieve boredom.

Everyone must have experienced boredom. To overcome this boredom, not a few people play Android games or download and watch movies on famous sites. In addition to this method, it turns out that there are other ways that can be done to fill the boredom.

The trick is that you can visit the following simple sites. This site has its own advantages in eliminating boredom. One of them is popping bubbles, playing ball in water, drawing with sand and many more. What are some sites that can get rid of boredom? Here is the full review.

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Sites That Can Eliminate Boredom

1. So hacker

Want to look like hacker in the eyes of others? You can visit the site HackerTyper the following. To run it, you only need to press various keyboard keys. Once pressed, the writing on the screen will appear by itself.

2. Playing ball in the water

Want to play ball in water? You can visit the following site WebGL Water. Here you can set the ball to move anywhere. This site is quite cool, because the waves from the dropped ball look very real. In addition, you can also adjust the direction of the light.

3. Playing ball

Unlike the previous site, on the site Ball Pool You can play more balls and move them anywhere. To add a ball, you can click an empty area. In addition, you can also change the appearance of the ball by: double click a ball.

4. Draw light

Site Neon Flames You can use it to draw various irregular lights. You can change the shape of the light and the color of the light. Amazingly, this site also provides a button save which is useful for saving your images.

5. Pop the bubbles

Site Pop the bubbles this may seem simple. But if you are one of those people who like to pop bubbles on the bubble wrap, maybe you will linger on this site. The goal of this site is that you have to pop the bubbles that are there. There is a mode Maniac, when this mode is activated, the bubble will automatically burst when the mouse is hovered. The sound of splintering bubbles can also be heard clearly.

6. Drawing in the Sand

Have skills drawing in the sand? Now you can draw sand on a PC or laptop. Just by visiting the site ThisIsSand Following this, you can already draw in the sand. You can also choose the color of the sand as you like.

7. Slamming the door

Site BigLongNow can be used for those of you who want to slam the door without having to be afraid of being scolded by others. There are a lot of doors here, you can slam them to the left or right.

8. Rest for 2 minutes

Purpose of the site DoNothingfor2Minutes this is to make visitors not move the mouse or keyboard for 2 minutes. Here you can hear the sound of the waves that make you not bored while waiting.

9. Sound of Rain and Cafe

Love the sound when it rains? Site RainyCafe the following can make the sound of rain. You can adjust the volume until it fits your ear. In addition to the sound of rain falling, here is also available sound when in the cafe.

10. Make a wish

Lastly is the site of making hope. Remember with fairy tales hope when the stars fall. On site WishPush In the following, you can drop a star and then say a wish. Quite strange indeed!

Those are some simple sites that can eliminate boredom. If you have another site, you can share in the comments!