how to check the latest quota 3 2021

Checking quota 3 (Tri) is not difficult, you know! You can do this with just a few clicks. Well, here's how to check the latest 2021 quota 3.

For provider users Three (3) who likes to surf in cyberspace, how to check quota 3 is definitely something you must know and always pay attention to.

Just imagine, if you're having fun streaming movies, then suddenly your internet package runs out. Must be dead style, right?

Well, for that, this time Jaka will give some how to check the latest Tri quota 2021 what you can do. Here's the full review!

Quotas are indeed an important thing in today's era. Some people are even willing to endure hunger to be able to buy quotas so they can exist on social media.

Yes, maybe that's a little excessive, but basically quota has become a primary need for many people, especially those who don't have a Wi-Fi connection at home.

Some providers do provide internet with quotas unlimited, but often unsatisfactory in terms of speed, so we still choose the quota package.

If you are looking for an internet provider with internet package choice With large quotas and affordable prices, maybe you can choose the Tri operator.

In addition, this operator also has a fairly wide 4G network in Indonesia.

Well, you can follow how to check Tri card quota following:

1. Check Quota 3 Pass dial Phone

The first 3 internet quota check tips is to use dial phone which exist in smartphone you, gang. The method is also very easy, similar to when you check pulse 3 via the USSD code.

Curious? Come on, just see the full steps below!

How to check Tri (3) internet quota via telephone dial:

  1. Open phone app/dialer in smartphone you.
  2. Make a call to "*111#".
  3. Select Menu Check quota, then type 4, tap SEND.
  4. choose Data Quota 2, tap SEND.
  5. choose Check quota, then type 1, tap SEND.
  6. Choose the type of quota according to your internet package. For example, for Regular Data Quota, type 1, then tap SEND.
  7. choose Status & Info, type 8, tap reply.
  8. choose Check quota, type 1, tap reply.
  9. Wait for a confirmation SMS that will tell you the rest of your quota. Finished

Through the steps above, you can also check your 3 AON quota, gang.

How to check package 3 that is being used is suitable for those of you who are reluctant to install applications Bima+ because the HP memory is full.

However, if you feel complicated with the method above, you can check other methods below.

2. Check Quota 3 Via SMS

You can also see the remaining quota 3 via SMS, you know! This one method is guaranteed to be free and will tell you the detailed information of all the quotas you have. However, make sure in your place there is a stable signal network.

How to check quota 3 (Tri) via SMS:

  1. Open the SMS app on smartphone you.
  2. Type an SMS with the format: Quota Info.
  3. Send to 234.
  4. Wait for a confirmation SMS that will tell you the details of your quota.

Later there will be a reply message that fully informs the remaining 3 internet quota that you have, as Jaka has tried the following:

If you're in a place where the signal is difficult, maybe you can use the method of checking package 3 (Tri) below.

3. Check Quota 3 with Bima+ Application

The next tip to check internet quota 3 is to install the Bima+ app.

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD
DeveloperPT Hutchison 3 Indonesia
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)3.2 (98.573)
Android Minimum4.1

This application provides all kinds of information from your card, from internet packages to checking remaining packages.

How to check quota 3 via the Bima+ application:

  1. Download and install the app Bima+.
  2. Open the Bima+ app.
  3. Login by using your Tri number, then Continue.
  4. Get verification code via SMS, then enter the code.
  5. Finished! You will immediately see the remaining quota in Bima+ . main page.

Compared to other methods, you could say using the application is the easiest and most practical way to check Tri 4G quota and other quotas.

In addition, you can also buy credit, quota, 3 call packages, and exchange BonsTri through this application.

You can also buy credit or quota on a row of sites e-commerce best, like Lazada (Click here) and Shopee (Click here).

4. Check Quota 3 Via the Website

The last way to check 3 4G and other quotas is to access My Tri website.

This can be an alternative choice when you need complete information like in the Bima+ application, but feel free to do it download additional application.

How to check Tri (3) internet quota via Bima+ application:

  1. Go to the Tri Indonesia site here =>
  2. Enter your phone number, then login.
  3. Get verification code via SMS, then enter the code.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Finished! You can immediately see your remaining quota at main page.

This method is win-win solution (as long as you can access the internet) for those of you who are lazy to download the Bima+ application, gang.

That was the explanation about how to check quota for Tri (3) which you can easily try. You can also adjust this method according to the signal conditions in your place.

After checking the Tri card quota, you can immediately know how much your remaining quota is. If you run out, you should immediately buy another 3 quota.

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