7 soccer games on ps1 that make you miss, 90's kids must have played!

For Jaka, the 90s are defined by two things, gangs, PS1 and World Cup 98. Here, Jaka wants to share 7 PS1 soccer games that make you miss.

As a person born in the early 90s, experience World Cup The first Jaka fell in 1998.

Jaka, who used to be just ordinary, finally became diligent in watching football matches because he was carried away by the atmosphere.

That was also the time PS1 again victorious, gang, so when you get together with friends, you end up playing ball games too.

7 PS1 Ball Games That Make You Miss

When it comes to ball games, the newest is not always the best, gang, especially now, where every year a new one must come out.

Indeed, when it comes to appearance, PS1-era games make the eyes hurt when played now, but many of these games are still special to Jaka.

The name is nostalgia, of course, it doesn't make sense, gang, but that doesn't mean the games that Jaka will mention here are of poor quality.

For those who are curious about a piece of Jaka's past, just read it, gang, 7 PS1 soccer games that make you miss!

1. Winning Eleven 4/ISS Pro Evolution

These two games are actually the same, gang, but Winning Eleven (WE) 4 is the name for the Japanese version and ISS Pro Evolution for the English one.

From the name, you can guess that this is the fourth game in the WE series or what is now called Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

However, WE4 is special because it marks the first appearance of the mode Master League, gang, where you can build your dream team from 0.

Here, Master League is still minimal compared to now, but this mode makes WE4 still fun to play alone.

2. FIFA 98

During the PS1 era, Jaka's choice of friendship group ball games usually fell in the WE series, but FIFA 98 that's the first game that managed to seduce Jaka, gang!

FIFA 98 was the official game of the 1998 World Cup and as a result, almost all the countries participating in the World Cup qualifiers entered this game, including Indonesia, gang!

This game made by EA also has a mode Indoor 5v5 like futsal which is no less excited than the World Cup mode, gang.

The strange thing is, FIFA 98 allows you to do sliding tackle against the opposing goalkeeper which will immediately lead to a red card.

But, gang, the thing that Jaka likes the most is the song Song 2 from Blur which is the theme song of this game and one of Jaka's favorite songs of all time.

3. LiberoGrande

If now the choice of soccer games is only limited to PES and FIFA, in the past there were many alternatives and one of them was LiberoGrande.

Made by Namco, LiberoGrande is a unique game because you only control one player with the camera view focused on one player only.

PES and FIFA now have similar modes, but back in the days of PS1, only LiberoGrande had this mode.

In the sequel, you can also play as a goalkeeper which, unfortunately, is a bit boring, gang.

4. Super Shot Soccer

Compared to the ball game above, Super Shot Soccer = It's a rather eccentric game, gang, but that's exactly what makes this game excited.

The type of football that is promoted here is based on fantasy, gangs, because each country has special abilities based on its country's culture.

For example, the German goalkeeper has the ability to transform into Berlin Wall and United States players can turn into Statue of Liberty!

The concept is indeed similar to the football film Shaolin Soccer which was released some time before this game.

5. Sensible Soccer

According to the language, the word sensible that means it makes sense, but there are some things in Sensible Soccer Which is a bit absurd, gang!

Even though it's not as great as Super Shot Soccer, there are some elements in this game that are the product of an active imagination, gang.

The first is the feature aftertouch where you can adjust the movement of the ball after being kicked to create a 'banana kick' with extreme levels.

Sensible Soccer is also quite famous because of the level sliding tackle in this game that is over-drawn.

In terms of graphics, this game is a bit lacking in camera view top down and rough character models, but there's no doubt about the gameplay, gang!

6. This is Football

If this game is a bit less famous than other football games, gang, but Jaka remembers this game was famous for one unique feature.

This is Football was the first ball game that allowed players to do diving which makes this game very interesting.

According to Jaka, it looks like Neymar When I was little, I mostly played this, gang, that's why it became like that.

7. Captain Tsubasa J: Get in the Tomorrow

For those of you who used to work when they came home from school, it was watching anime Captain Tsubasa, must be familiar with this one game.

As the name suggests, Captain Tsubasa J: Get in the Tomorrow is a game that is an adaptation of the classic 90s anime of the same name.

Like Super Shot Soccer, the characters here have special powers that can be released using key combinations like a fighting game.

Unfortunately, this game is not available in English, gang, so you have to watch the anime to understand the storyline of this game.

What's age if it's not just a number, gang? Even though it is 20 years old, the games above are not inferior in quality to the latest PES and FIFA.

That's why, gang, welcome SEA Games next month, maybe you can try the classic PS1 games above if you are bored with FIFA or PES.

Do you have any special memories with the game above, gang? Or do you have other recommendations? Share in the comments, gang!

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