free! this is how to increase internet speed up to 500 mbps

This time ApkVenue will discuss a detailed guide on how to increase internet speed up to 500 Mbps for free. Read more, yes.

Currently the internet has become a basic need for each individual. Because thanks to technology, almost anything can be done. This is the main reason for the rapid use of the internet globally. It is not superfluous, in a sense, the internet play the most vital role for the technological growth seen in today's technological life. But, the problem appears on the internet be very slow.

There is there are many ways to do it to get high speed internet on your device. This time ApkVenue will discuss a detailed guide on how to increase internet speed up to 500 Mbps for free. Read more, yes.

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FREE! This is How to Increase Internet Speed ​​Up to 500 Mbps

High Speed ​​Internet With

Are you still wondering how to get high speed internet? How can you get 500 Mbps faster internet speed. What can be used is a program startup which started a few years ago named aims to provide a quality conversational experience for all its users. You can use this as a browser to browse the entire internet at high speed.

In addition to chat, this site also allows you to use webcams for video call. You can do almost all internet activities there, and one more amazing thing, you can surf the internet with higher speed because all sites will loads pretty fast in a short time.

You can also enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and others. You can enjoy everything without lag or buffering.

How to Use With 500 Mbps High Speed

Follow the simple steps below to boost your internet at blazing high speed.

  • First of all, visit on your PC or laptop and enough click sign up to create a new account.

  • Now, you need to register yourself on the site with fill all details such as name, email, and password.

  • Then confirm your account by clicking link that you received in the e-mail.

  • You can even login using your Facebook account if you're too lazy to fill in the details!

  • Once logged in, a message will appear "How do you want to Rabbit?" on the screen. Just select it "Messages only*".

  • You will then arrive at another screen where you need to click "Decide what to watch".
  • After clicking that, pop-up A small window will be shown where you need to select one of your favorite sites listed there. Or you can typing site URL that you want to explore.
  • This is how it looks in the browser. If you don't like the video quality, you can change it from LD to HD at the bottom of the page.
  • You can now use it like your own computer and handle it! This method works like Virtual Private Network. This virtual device has Linux operating system and you can't multitask like on PC usual you.

  • This is the best way to view YouTube videos with HD quality even on fast connections, without interruption.

  • You can download any file and upload it to the service cloud as Google Drive or Dropbox in a short span of time.

Lack of

One of's biggest flaws is you can't download anything directly on PC or your laptop. You can download it on Linux OS and can upload it on Google Drive or Dropbox using the virtual PC.

You don't get high quality content or videos even though there is an HD quality option. Moreover, this site stores your massive data, and you can use the internet at high speed.

There he is how to increase internet speed up to 500 Mbps for free. It's not hard right? Have you ever tried it? If so, don't hesitate to share your experiences in the comments column below.

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