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how to prevent photos on wa from being automatically saved in the gallery

Mobile phone memory is full because of pictures from WA? Calm down, Jaka has tips on how to make photos on WA not automatically saved in the gallery, guaranteed to work.

WhatsApp is a chat application with the largest users today. The interface that simple and its easy-to-use nature has attracted millions of users.

Almost everyone around the world uses whatsapp as a means to communicate indirectly with other people, send messages to each other, make calls, and even send pictures to each other.

Behind the various benefits, without us realizing it sometimes our cellphone galleries become full because of photos and videos from WhatsApp, and make our cellphones less than optimal when used.

Here's how to prevent WhatsApp photos from being auto-saved in the gallery

So that your gallery and memory are not full of photos from WhatsApp, ApkVenue has how to prevent WhatsApp photos and videos from being saved in the gallery. This simple trick can make your HP memory much lighter.

So that WhatsApp images are not automatically saved, there are some special settings steps that you must follow. The sequence of steps is also simple, and can be done in just a few moments.

The steps that you will do are quite easy and do not require the help of other applications, nor do you have to do anything root your Android phone first.

Settings To Not Auto-Save Whatsapp Photos in Gallery

As one of the chat applications with the most users in the world, WhatsApp always tries to make it easier for people who use it included with this auto-save image feature.

When enabled, you don't have to bother scrolling through your conversation history to find important pictures you want to see, but this general setting doesn't always work for everyone.

Fortunately, you can turn this option off with just a few simple steps, as Jaka will explain in detail in the next section.

The way to prevent WhatsApp photos from entering the gallery is done by changing some internal settings in the WhatsApp application that you are using.

This method can be used in various versions of WhatsApp that are installed on your current Android phone, and the steps that must be done are exactly the same.

Here are some steps that you must follow so that WhatsApp images are not automatically saved in the gallery.

  • Step 1 - On the WhatsApp home page, you just have to tap three dots icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Next, you can choose the menu Settings to go to the main settings.
  • Step 2 - On the WhatsApp settings page, you just have to select the Data and Storage Usage menu. After that, pay attention to the menu Media Auto Download for the next step.

There are 3 menus to manage photo storage when you use a data plan, Wi-Fi and Roaming. ApkVenue starts by setting up storage when using a data plan.

  • Step 3 - Select the menu When Using Cellular Data. Here you can see four types of files that are usually saved automatically. Make sure to uncheck everything.

By unchecking all of them, you have changed the autosave settings on your WhatsApp. Photos and videos will no longer be autosaved when you're on mobile data.

  • Step 4 - Do the same for settings when connected to Wi-Fi and also when Roaming. Make sure to uncheck any file type.

This way your cellphone will no longer automatically save photos, videos, and other documents in any situation.

This series of simple steps can help you save more memory, and automatically make your cellphone work lighter.

Don't forget to try the features too dark mode what's on WhatsApp right now, gang. Although still in the development stage, this feature will be very helpful for those of you who don't like flashy colors.

Those are tips on how to prevent WhatsApp photos from being automatically saved in the gallery. How? very easy to do right?

By applying the tips that Jaka explained earlier, your cellphone will be able to work faster and better, gang.

Hopefully these tips from Jaka are useful for you, okay? guys! Please share and comment on this article to continue to get information, tips & tricks, and news about other technology from Jaka, the gang.

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