10 ways to create a fake email in seconds

Tired of emails full of spam or unnecessary information due to registration on various websites or applications? Nothing will happen if you have a fake email. Jaka has tips on how to easily create fake emails.

In addition to exchanging messages, an email account in fact also has many functions, such as exchanging important data and documents or as a place to confirm payments.

Not a few people often feel disturbed by the amount of spam that often enters their email.

Especially now that almost all sites or applications always ask users to log in using a personal email account.

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10 Ways to Create Fake Emails in Seconds

Don't worry, this time Jaka will give a solution for those of you who like it insecure about providing information about personal email.

Here Jaka gives tips about ten how to make fake email in seconds. Do not believe? Just try the ten sites below.


1. 10 Minute Mail

You can use 10 Minute Mail to create a fake email that will only last for ten minutes!

Yes, within ten minutes, you can receive incoming emails, read and even reply to these emails. Very useful for those of you who want to just confirm the registration of certain applications, right?

Download: 10 Minute Mail

2. Mailinator

Mailinator is a site that provides email addresses that are public. The email is specifically for you to use on any website that asks for an email address.

After a few hours, the incoming email in the inbox will be automatically deleted.

3. MailDrop

The site created by Heluna is not just providing fake emails for you. Yes, MailDrop also has features spam filters. This feature can block emails that are indicated as spam.

4. AirMail

Also provides a free email account service that you can use online temporary aka temporary. The difference is, AirMail will give you an email address at random but still with the same functions and uses as email in general.

5. MyTrashMail

Every site that asks you to enter an email address to send a newsletter or whatever, you can simply use the services provided by MyTrashMail.

Without needing to register or enter a password, you can use a fake email address with an active domain.

Download: MyTrashMail

6. Dispostable

Dispostable is a site that also provides a fake email creation service. You are free to choose your email username but it must end with

With a simple appearance, this site is easy to use for those of you who just want to use fake emails for a while.


Having almost the same use as previous sites, also provides a fake email service for you to use if you don't want your personal email address to be known to others.

Without registration and many clicks, you will get your fake email.

8. Mail Catch

Similar to MailDrop, this site doesn't just provide a fake email creation service. Mail Catch also has a spam filter feature that will make you never feel spam messages in your inbox again.

For those of you who want to be more 'serious' with your fake email, Mail Catch also provides premium features, you know.

9. Fake Mail Generator

This site is similar to 10 Minute Mail which also provides fake emails for a short time.

Even if it's only for a short time, you can use fake emails that you create in Fake Mail Generator for several services and log in in various places.

Download: Fake Mail Generator

10. Yop Mail

Free, fast and lots of features, those are three advantages that you can use if you use Yop Mail as your fake email generator service.

Just like other sites, this site will also delete incoming email within a certain period of time after you read it.

That's ten easy ways to create a fake email in just seconds. By using the ten sites above, now you no longer need to worry or worry that your personal email will be full of spam.

In addition, using a fake email can also reduce the risk of getting hacked. Most importantly, don't use it for negative things.

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