this is how to take pictures legally via google

Still like taking pictures from Google carelessly? Read first how to take legal pictures via Google on this one!

Maybe there are still many people who don't understand the name license in a work of art, including digital images. Unfortunately, because of this lack of understanding, there are still many people who take pictures via the internet regardless of whether the image has a license or not.

You need to know, taking digital pictures is licensed and used for commercial purposes illegal you know. Because licensed digital images are protected by law and should not be used carelessly. So, you have to start using less images on Google that have a license.

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How to Take Legal Images Through Google Image

But, if you still insist on taking pictures via Google, maybe you can follow this one method so that you don't get caught by the law for taking licensed pictures. The method is very easy, you can follow and practice yourself. Watch it right away!

1. Go to, then enter the keywords of the image you want to search for.

2. Click button Tool or Tools.

3. choose Usage Rights and select Labeled for reuse with modification, if Indonesian, select Usage Rights then select Labeled for reuse with modification.

4. Select the desired image, click view image until a new window opens in your browser that displays the image in its actual size.

5.Right click on the image and select Save image as...

6. The image is already on your computer or smartphone.

7. To make sure the image you are using is free or not, you can check it through sites like TinEye. You only need to enter the image or URL of the image you downloaded, then later TinEye will provide information about other related images as well.

Finally you can take image from Google legally without having to violate the license right? Even though there are more licensed and licensed images, but at least you don't have to break the law just to add aesthetics to your social media or website, right?

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