Here are 7 of the coolest Android prank apps! suitable for pranking friends

Want to prank your friends and family? Use this application so you don't offend HAHAHA

In this world, it doesn't feel complete if you've never been mean to your friends or friends. Even if you've never been bullied, you can't be a cool person yet, hahaha. Ignorance is a behavior which is annoying, but can also make you laugh out loud. So, so that you and your friends don't get hurt too, what kind of ignorant thing is fun to do?

Today, the era is all technology. For that, you no longer need to be ignorant with the theme of violence or other things that can make one party offended. Through this article, ApkVenue will provide a list of applications prank Android that you must install to prank and prank your friends and friends. Are you curious about the application? Be patient, Jaka will explain one by one.

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7 Coolest Android Prank Applications! Suitable for pranking friends

1. Fake Low Battery

Yes, first of all, you can prank and prank your friends through an application called Fake Low Battery. By installing this application, you can pretend to be angry with your friends and friends when they are borrowing your Android smartphone. You can acting if your battery was full how come it could suddenly run out. Well, they must be confused, maybe even accusing each other, hahaha. Application prank This Android can be very fun for those of you who are ignorant at heart guys.

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2. AppLocker Fake Crash

If you want to do other fun things, you can download AppLocker Fake Crash. This is an application lockscreen which can make your friends and friends panic until they will not dare to borrow your smartphone again. Well, how do you have to have a password to protect your Android smartphone. After that, if your friends are ignorant to guess password you, then this application will display terrible warnings such as messages pop up or even a hoax that writes that the smartphone system is broken. In addition, you can also trick your friends when you open an application, then the application error, must be funny hahaha.

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3. WiFi Kill

Application prank The next Android is WiFi Kill. You may be used to using this application to disconnect other WiFi users in one hot spot, to launch you browsing using Wi-Fi. Well, therefore, this application is also useful for pranking your friends. When you're kongkow in one place, then everyone uses WiFi in that place, you can disconnect the WiFi network used by your friends. They must be confused hahaha. Maybe there's something more fun streaming, even download something you keep failing.

4. Fake Calls & SMS

As the name suggests, Fake Calls & SMS can allow you to make fake phone calls and text messages and personalize their characteristics. However, keep in mind, these calls and text messages can only be made on your device, and you can't make them to other friends' smartphones. So, if someone is talking to you about a girl, you can pretend that the girl has contacted you to talk to your friend who is still worried about him, hahaha. I can't imagine your friend's face when you prank him like that.

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5. Fake Chat Simulator

Application prank The next Android is that it can allow you to create various fake conversations with the person you are in love with. The name of the app is Fake Chat Simulator, you can disguise yourself as an idol artist who is being loved by teenagers that you are chat with him. Even though, chat that's what you made yourself, hahaha. After that, you screenshots and you prove to your friends that you are great, can be close to beautiful-looking artists like your friends adore.

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6. Yazzy (Fake Conversations)

Want to make a joke? Use Yazzy (Fake Conversation). This application is actually not much different from the Fake Chat Simulator and Fake Call & SMS applications. However, you can make the application prank This Android is an alternative if your friends already know the tricks of the previous two applications. Now, who is ready to prank your friends with this funny Android app?

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7. Crack Your Screen Prank

One of the most popular prank apps on Android is Crack Your Screen Prank. For those of you who are very, very ignorant, the application prank This Android works very well by providing an animated screen effect that looks broken. So, when your friend borrows your smartphone, he will surely panic. Likewise you, you can pretend to panic because your smartphone is broken, hahaha. The best thing you can do is, you install this application secretly on your friend's phone, and see his expression when the broken screen animation appears.

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Of the seven applications prank Android that Jaka gave, which one do you think is the best for pranking people? Remember, don't do this to your friends and family who have heart disease. Later he gets sick, you instead panic hahaha. Share your opinion in the comments column below guys.

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