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how to steal other people's android smartphone data complete and confidential

The more sophisticated the Android smartphone you use, the more vulnerable its security is. Evidently, until now there are still many cases hacking or data theft on Android devices.

This time, Jaka will tell you how to steal android smartphone data others to your Android smartphone.

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How to Steal Other People's Android Smartphone Data

No. Jaka doesn't want to teach you to be a criminal by stealing data. ApkVenue gives these tips with the aim that you know one of the modes or methods of data theft via Android, and you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of data theft.

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To do this, you need the help of an application called CLONEit. You can use the application download directly on link which ApkVenue has provided above. CLONEit is actually an application that is used to move all data from one Android device to another. This is what someone usually does when changing HP.

Unfortunately, it can be misused by irresponsible people. So that you know and can be more alert, here are the complete steps on how to steal other Android smartphone data:

  • To be able to do this, make sure both smartphones already have the CLONEit application. In the image below, the smartphone of the victim of theft (left) and the smartphone of the perpetrator (right) are both already installed with CLONEit.
  • Simultaneously, select the victim's smartphone as Sender, while the perpetrator's smartphone is Receiver.
  • Continue by connecting the two devices so that they can be directly connected and allow data transmission to occur.
  • The status in the image below shows the two Android smartphones are already connected. The perpetrator's smartphone (right) can directly choose what data you want to steal.
  • If you have chosen, the perpetrator then just presses Start. The size of the data and the estimated delivery time have been written in the description in the application. Data from the victim's smartphone will be sent according to the estimated time written.

That's how to steal someone else's Android smartphone data easily and quickly. Once again, Jaka gives you these tips not for evil purposes, but so that you are more vigilant. Take good care of your smartphone or Android device so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, okay? guys!

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