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an easy way to repost other people's stories without an application!

Do you want to repost your friend's Instagram story? Here's an easy way to repost Instagram stories without the need for additional applications. (Android and Iphone)

Instagram Stories or Stories is a feature of Instagram that allows users to share photos and short videos. Posts will only be stored within a period of 24 hours.

Have you seen someone else's story post and are interested in reposting it on your story?

Well, Jaka has tips for you, like this how to repost a friend's Instagram story without an app on android and iphone.

Here's How to Repost Instastory without an Application

Instagram Story is now one of the sharing media by many kids nowadays. Famous people or celebrities often share their interesting content on Instagram Stories.

You must have come across an interesting Instagram Story and then wanted to repost it to your Instagram Story? But can you?

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Instagram now also has Instagram story repost feature you know guys. Unfortunately, you can only repost stories from people who tagged your account in their posts.

So you can't repost everyone's Instagram stories yet.

If you don't know how to repost other people's Instagram stories, Jaka will tell you the complete way.

The process is also very simple guys, it only takes a few steps. Watch it right away.

Step 1 - Open notifications

When friends or other people tag you in their Instagram Story posts, you will receive a notification via DM or Direct Message.

Now the first step to being able to repost the post is to open the notification, then tap the option Add This to Your Story.

Step 2 - Edit instastory

After that you will enter the Instagram Story editing menu. You can adjust the size by double tap and move it as you wish.

If you have finished editing, just tap the icon Your Story in the lower left corner to continue the process of reposting a friend's Instagram story.

Step 3 - Done

Now the process is complete and the friend's Instagram Story post will enter your Instagram Story page.

The post will also be automatically tag a friend's account that you repost. Here's what it looks like:

Well that's him guyshow to repost a friend's Instagram story without an application from Jake. Hopefully in the future Instagram will add new features so that we can repost other people's Instagram story posts without the need for tags. Good luck!

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