a new way to find out the answer to brain duels to keep winning

Due to the popularity of the Brain Duel game in Indonesia, Jaka makes a lot of tips about Brain Duel. Well, this time, ApkVenue will share a new way to find answers to Duel Brains so that you keep on winning. Want to? Let's read the full article.

Due to the popularity of the game Duel Brain in Indonesia, Jaka often sees people playing it in TransJakarta, elevators or even hangouts. Interestingly, it is said that Duel Otak succeeded in shifting the popularity of Clash of Clans (COC) in Indonesia! What do you think? To keep up with the popularity of Duel Otak, ApkVenue also provides many fun tips about Brain Duel.

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After previously Jaka gave 2 tips for making Brain Duel MEME and strategies to win Brain Duel, this time again Jaka will give the latest Brain Duel trick. You could say this is cheats Brain Duel to find out the new Duel Brain answer key. The way that ApkVenue will give is more simple from how to get the answer to the first Duel Brain.

How to know the answer to the duel of the brain to keep winning

First of all, ApkVenue will say that playing the game Brain Duel in this way is cheat. You don't really compete with your friends if you use this Brain Duel trick. But again, this is made with the aim of helping when you are stuck because you keep losing, so you don't look stupid. Wisely, use this method only occasionally so that you still find the fun of playing the Duel Brain game.

There are many ways to know the answer to the duel of the brain

Jake always said, There are many ways to go to Rome. There are many ways to find out the answer or the key to Duel Brains. Maybe you think how to do clear data it's complicated and time consuming because you have to log in repeat. Well, this way is easier and doesn't take much time. The result remains the same, that is, you know the answer key to Duel Brains.

What should be prepared for the Duel Brain trick this time? Well, what you have to prepare is:

  • Download and install Duel Brains on two different Android smartphones.
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  • Or, you can install Duel Otak on a computer or laptop using an emulator. Can use Bluetacks or Windroye.

A New Way of Knowing the Answers to the Duel of the Brain

After you have prepared the war tools needed above, Jaka will explain how to do it for you. Here's a new way to find out the Duel Brains answers:

  1. Log in use the same Duel Brain account on the Duel Brain app installed on different devices. For example, on your Android one and on the emulator one, use the same Duel Brain account.

  2. Now, please play the game Duel Brain on your Android. While playing Brain Duel on your Android, also open Brain Duel on your other emulator or Android.

  3. Just like how to find out the answer to the first Duel Brain, here we will still use the trick of turning on and off the data connection. So, on your turn, please select the category of questions you want to play, then turn off the data connection, be it mobile data or WiFi on your Android.

  4. Please answer the questions presented in your Android Brain Duel (in a state of dead data connection). But, keep Brain Duel on your other emulator or Android active. You can answer all the questions arbitrarily, because this is only used to find out the correct answer to the given Brain Duel question.

  5. Now, please move on to Duel Brains on your emulator or other Android device. Play in an active data state, then answer all the questions with the correct answer that you played earlier.

  6. If you don't have time to remember the correct answer to the questions, don't go back to the Brain Duel on Android that you played earlier. Then click on the wrong answer point (in red), then the correct answer and question will appear.

  7. Well, now all the answers to Duel His Brain are all correct, right? Sign you are ready to win.

Just remember, use this method only when you are stuck. So that you keep playing this Brain Duel game as a means of sharpening and broadening your horizons. Agree? If you don't agree, that's your right. Jaka will not force it, after all, Jaka also explained this method.

Oh yes, this way Jaka got it from one of Jaka's friends playing Brain Duel, namely farrelzacharyyy. So if you have fun tips for playing Brain Duel, you can also share them with Jaka. It can be through the comments column, or directly while playing Brain Duel. Only when playing with Jaka, don't cheat. Brave?

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