These 4 android games imitate PC games, number 1 is a must try!

There are also many versions of similar games, such as FPS, MOBA, MMORPG and many others. Starting from being very similar to the PC version to just having a similar playing style

The popularity of PC games is unstoppable, to the point that someone has made a clone that is similar to the PC version. On this occasion, you will be presented with Android games that imitate PC games.

There are also many versions of similar games, such as FPS, MOBA, MMORPG and many others. Ranging from very similar to the PC version to just similar to the style of play and it's all packed below.

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Here are 4 Android games that mimic PC games

1. Dragon Nest: Saint Haven

In the first position there is a game Dragon Nest: Saint Heaven, this game is made by Mobile Embedded Technology. This game is very similar to the Dragon Nest PC game that was released.develop by Gemscool. Starting from the storyline and characters to the game genre, although both are inspired by a Dragon Nest movie. For that, those of you who are interested can download it directly at JalanTikus.

2. Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a genre game MOBA artificial Mooton launched for mobile devices. Mobile Legends itself is currently much debated by gamers because the game is very similar to the PC MOBA game, namely, League of Legends or LoL published by Garena.

The very similarity of the game starting from the genre, gameplay, heroes that are packaged into the mobile version makes this game a clone of the LoL game on PC. For those of you who want to try playing the game, you can download it at JalanTikus.

3. Crisis Action

Crisis Action itself is included in an android game that imitates one of the famous PC games, Point Blank published by Garena. Although it has a different UI from Point Blank or PB, this Crisis Action has similarities to the PB game. It can be seen from the genre, gameplay, and weapons which are practically similar and imitations of PB.

4. Arena Master

An android game that imitates the last PC game is the Arena Master game. Games Arena Master itself is a game casual action developed by Nexon Company. This game itself has a 60% similarity to the Lost Saga game on PC published by Gemscool. Arena Master can be said to be a clone of Lost Saga on mobile devices and you can download it on JalanTikus.


All the games mentioned above may be considered imitations, but what is clear is that the games mentioned above have their own characteristics that make them interesting to play.

There he is 4 android games that can be said to be clones of PC games, I hope it's useful. , make sure you leave a trace in the comments column and share it with your friends.

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