how to make the front camera as good as the back camera on an android phone

Want to have a good smartphone front camera? No need to buy, read this article and you will find the answer.

Currently, more and more smartphone users are happy toselfie fun, both alone and with colleagues and friends. This happens after many choices of smartphones that have good front cameras. But unfortunately, the photos produced are not as good as the shots from the rear camera, especially the front camera on an Android smartphone at a low price.

Therefore, many people crave an Android phone that has the best front camera. Unfortunately, such a smartphone will certainly not be priced cheaply. Therefore, what is the right way to solve a problem like this? Jaka has a solution, how can you make your front camera as good as the back camera.

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How to make the front camera as good as the back camera

Yes, a powerful way to make the quality of your Android phone's front camera as good as the back camera is to use an interesting application. That's right, by using certain interesting applications, you can really make the quality of your front camera as good as the back camera of the smartphone you are using. So, there is no longer any excuse if your front camera is bad. If it's still bad, it means your smartphone is broken. Hehehe.

1. Use the BestMe Selfie Camera App


Yup, using the app BestMe Selfie Camera is a surefire way to display the results of a handsome and handsome front camera. This application provides a variety of charming camera filters, so that selfie with friends or alone you can show off on any social media. How to?

  • Open the Bestme Selfie Camera application, then select the filter option with the symbols of three small red, blue, and yellow circles.
  • There are many filter options, but according to Jaka the coolest is the category Defined then Deliacacy. For Jaka's very Indonesian skin, this filter is very suitable. The results are also close to the rear camera shots.
  • Then, filter by category glamor and go to options Ruby also be an interesting choice for you. Even if you are in a room that has a modest light intensity, this filter is quite solid.
  • If it's still not optimal, you can adjust the brightness level just by sliding the right screen up. It's easy, right?

2. Front Facing Flash that Makes It Cool

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If you are not satisfied using the BestMe Selfie Camera application, you can still use other applications, namely 3F or Front Facing Flash. Unfortunately this app is not available on the Google Play Store. But don't worry, you can download it at JalanTikus. Before you install it, make sure you are able to install third-party applications by Settings > Security > tick "Unknown Sources". Once installed, let's see the process below.

  • When you use it for the first time, there will be an option to Complete action using Camera, choose just once or Always.
  • After you have entered the camera, select the option ready which is in the middle.
  • If you have already taken a position selfie your best, press the screen anywhere according to your convenience

Well, the screen will turn white. Do not panic! You just need to press the red dot that corresponds to the one you pressed before, then grab it selfie your best guys. If you're still confused, just read the article How to make a flash for your Android phone's front camera.

For Front Facing Flash or 3F applications, if you have a little trouble finding photos in the Gallery, then you can use applications such as File Commander or the like. If not, then you can look it up at File Manager > Pictures > Front Flash Pictures.

The two applications above can make shots selfie you are as good as the back camera lol guys. Moreover, Front Facing Flash, is very effective for you to use even in low light conditions such as at night. Ready toselfie with good results? Share your experience in the comments column below.

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