10 easy 'super' windows 10 tips and tricks that you must try!

Windows 10 is a popular operating system for desktop devices developed by Microsoft. You can do it super easily, here are 10 Windows 10 tips and tricks that you must try!

Who among you has never tried this operating system? Windows 10 is the newest and most popular operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows 10 was first released in 2015.

After almost 2 years, this operating system is still the best. However, do you know some easy tips and tricks from Windows 10?

The following is 10 Windows 10 tips and tricks super easy that you must try!

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10 'Super' Easy Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Armed with simple keyboard and mouse commands, now you can experience some of the advantages of features that Windows 10 has. Here are some tips and tricks that you must try. guys!

1. Access the New Start Menu

Windows 10 brings back taste Start Menu which had disappeared in the Windows 10 version. Here you can access various jobs, ranging from applications, computer menus to options for Shutdown or Restart.

Now, to display the new Start Menu with a simpler appearance, you can press knob shortcuts Windows + X. You can also access it by right-clicking on the Windows logo.

2. Disk Cleanup Features

Hard drive capacity that is almost full makes computer performance slower. You can also clean it by accessing Disk Cleanup features easily. Here's the easy way.

  • Press the Windows key and type disk cleanup . If you have selected the application Disk Cleanup displayed.
  • choose drive which one do you want to clean? Automatically the Windows operating system will do scanning on detected junk files.
  • Select which folders you want to delete and click OK.

3. Windows Defender Malware Remover

Actually Windows 10 already provides an antivirus application to ward off attacks malware named Windows Defender. You can also turn on security realtime in the following way:

  • Press the Windows key and type windows defender . If you have selected the application Windows Defender displayed on the screen.
  • Make sure Real-time protection in an active state (by default Windows 10 will enable this feature).
  • If not, go to menu Settings and enable Real-time protection to enable this feature.

4. Open Super Fast Taskbar Window

Sometimes you open multiple apps at once and make Windows 10 taskbar full right? Now to access it super fast, you can do a key combination Windows + number line at the top. Don't forget to adjust the order of the applications on the taskbar, okay? guys.

5. Quick Assist feature

Not all users of the Windows 10 operating system are expert and computer savvy users. Some of them could be gaptek aka technology stuttering, for example, for parents.

So to make it easier to use Windows 10, you can use Quick Assist feature as follows:

  • Press Windows key and type quick assist and select application Quick Assist.
  • Select mode Get Assistance or Give Assistance and follow the prompts on the next screen.

6. Shake Windows Windows

Shake Windows windows, doesn't mean you shake your computer or screen. You just click and drag then shake the active application window to minimize all application windows. Then do it again to restore the window to its original state.

7. Quick Access Task Manager

Have you ever felt your computer? hang? To return to the original state, you can access Task Manager by pressing the combination button shortcutsControl + Alt + Delete. In addition, you can also right-click on the Windows logo and select the Task Manager option.

8. Set Software Usage Time

In addition to turning off applications through the Task Manager, you can also schedule usage software by using the app Task Scheduler. To access it, you can search for the task scheduler by searching for it by pressing the Windows key.

9. Record Screen Without Additional Apps

Well, this feature will be perfect for you gamers! Because without the application, you can record all activity including playing live games on Windows 10.

To access it you can press the combination shortcutsWindows + G and follow the prompts on the next screen. Oh yes, this feature can also be connected to the Xbox.


10. Speed ​​Up Windows Startup Time

Feel the process startup and boot Old Windows 10? You can speed up time startup Windows 10 by turning off some applications, here's how:

  • Access Task Manager features and go to tab Startup to see a list of applications running during this process.
  • You can pay attention Startup Impact to see the effect of the current application startup, ranging from Low, Medium to High.
  • To kill the process, right-click on an application that you rarely use and click Disable.

Well, those are 10 super easy Windows 10 tips and tricks that you must try and do. Windows 10 still keeps getting updates which makes the performance even better. Have other tips and tricks? Come on share in the comments column below!

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