7 best and latest android pvp games 2020

Need recommendations for the best PVP games right now? Jaka has this collection of the best Android PVP games that you can play for agile and strategy battles.

Games have become one of the most popular entertainment media today. Not only consoles or PCs, games have become a universal entertainment medium that can be played on various devices including mobile phones.

With the rapid development of technology today, games are no longer just a few people's entertainment media. Everyone who has a smartphone can already play various games according to taste.

One of the most addictive game genres that often makes players lose track of time, spending hours in the game world is PVP games.

7 Best Android PVP Games

PVP games or Player vs Player is a game where players will be competed against other players, trying to beat each other by utilizing their respective strategies and skills.

This game genre is quite addictive because the enemies you face will be very varied. It could be that one time you won by a landslide, and at other times you were massacred completely depending on who the opponent was.

For those who are ready to spend hours in the game world, here are the recommendations for the best PVP games that you can play right now.

1. Clash Royale

The quality of Clash Royale as one of the best Android games doesn't need to be doubted, the proof is that this Android PVP game has been played by more than 100 million people, and the rating is also good.

In this game you will play against other players using cards to destroy your opponent's castle.

Although the concept sounds simple, Clash Royale embed strategy elements quite well so you have to be smart to use your cards and read the opponent's tactics to win.

DetailsClash Royale
Minimal OSAndroid 4.2 and above
Download100,000,000 and above
Rating4.2/5 (Google Play)
Supercell Strategy Games DOWNLOAD clash

2. Mobile Legends

In this online PVP game, you have to team up with 4 other players, in 5 vs 5 battles to destroy base opponent's.

In this game you can use a variety of heroes which of course have different skills and playing characteristics.

Mobile Legends guaranteed can really make you addicted and forget the time when playing it. Not only forgetting time, many also go crazy and spend millions to buy cool skins in this game.

DetailsMobile Legends: Bang Bang
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Download100,000,000 and above
Rating4.1/5 (Google Play)
Moonton Strategy Games DOWNLOAD

3. PUBG Mobile

The PVP game that was originally made for this PC, has finally launched a mobile version because high enthusiasm of people who want to try playing this game.

PUBG Mobile is a game with a survival genre where you will be dropped off on an island, competed with other players to be the last one to survive.

You can play this game alone or with friends you are in fashion squad oppose squad other players.

The graphics offered by one of the best PVP games are also quite good, so don't be surprised if your cellphone gets hot quickly when playing this game.

DetailsPUBG Mobile
DeveloperTencent Games
Minimal OSAndroid 4.3 and above
Download100,000,000 and above
Rating4.3/5 (Google Play)
Shooting Games Tencent Mobile International Ltd. DOWNLOAD

4. Pirate Code

This online PVP game is perfect for those of you who want to play games with your friends against other people, but not too seriously.

In this game you will become a pirate who sail on the high seas against other people or carry out certain missions.

Pirate Code will give you the option to play a character from a collection of available characters with their own special powers.

The graphics used by this game are also spelled out eye pleasing which can make you feel at home spending time in this game.

DetailsPirate Code - PVP Battles at Sea
DeveloperCodex7 Games
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Download1,000,000 and above
Rating4.2/5 (Google Play)

5. Brawl Stars

This Android PVP game carries the concept of fight fast pace where you will fight against other players in action-packed battles.

In this game you can play alone against other players online, or play with your friends either against other people or fighting each other.

Brawl Stars are also in E-Sports which means this game will try its best to presenting games that fair for the players.

DetailsBrawl Stars
Minimal OSAndroid 4.3 and above
Download100,000,000 and above
Rating4.3/5 (Google Play)

6. Hearthstone

This online PVP game may not need any more introduction. Gamers made by Blizzard are already downloaded more than 10 million times on the PlayStore, not to mention on PC, or iOS.

Heartstone is a card game that can be played online cross platform. In this game you will build deck yourself to fight other players.

The combination of cards offered in this game is also very diverse, you must clever in using card combinations this is to win.

DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment Inc.,
Minimal OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Download10,000,000 and above
Rating4.1/5 (Google Play)

Download Heartstone here

7. World War Heroes: WW2 FPS

For fans of FPS games, World War Heroes can be an interesting choice of PVP Android games to play.

In this war game with the theme of the second world war, there are many modes that can be played from start deathmatch, team battle, until Bomb mode.

It's not just the game modes that vary, the graphics in this game too made with a very good concept where you will feel really at war in the role of the second world.

DetailsWorld War Heroes: WW2 FPS
DeveloperAzure Interactive Games Limited
Minimal OSAndroid 4.4 and above
Download50,000,000 and above
Rating4.5/5 (Google Play)

Download World War Heroes: WW2 here

Those are some of the best Android PVP games that you can download and play right now. Games with this genre are indeed very addictive and fun to play.

Don't forget to invite your friends to play the games on this list because playing with friends is always more fun.

Hopefully the information that Jaka shares this time is useful for all of you, and see you in the next discussions.

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