easy way to block any website on your computer

Previously, Jaka had told me how to open a blocked website. Well, this time Jaka just wants to tell you how to easily block any website on your computer.

In several articles, ApkVenue has told you how to open websites that are blocked by the government. For example by using Google DNS, VPN, software, etc. Well, this time Jaka just wants to tell you the opposite way. That is Easy Ways to Block Any Website on Your Computer.

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This method is quite useful for various purposes. One of them is to prevent children, for example your sister or nephew from opening adult sites. But you can also use it for fun and work on your friend's computer or laptop. Especially those who are a bit clueless. They must be really confused because they can't open Facebook or YouTube. Even though the two websites are popular, needed, and not blocked. Blocking websites on this computer also doesn't need to use software any. It is enough to open the Windows file. Take a good look at this method.

How to Block Any Websiter on Your Computer

  • First, open the app notepad on your computer with administrator access. How, right click on shortcuts Notepad, then click "Run as Administrator".
  • Click "Files" at the top right. choose "Open".
  • Then go to the folder "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc".
  • At the bottom, select "All Files".
  • Then search for files "hosts", then open with double click or click "Open".
  • At the very bottom, type "", space, then type the address of the website you want to block. For example, you want to block YouTube. Write it down "".
  • You can also enter other websites that you want to block. Same way. Just type " address)" at the bottom again.
  • If you live in-save okay. You can use the button "File-Save", or by pressing the button Ctrl + S.
  • Now you can restart browser you, aka closing browser, then reopen it to try.

  • Open the website that was blocked earlier. You will definitely see a screen like the one below:

That's how to block certain websites on your computer. This method can be very useful to keep our siblings away from pornography, prevent other people from accessing certain websites through your computer, or it could be just for fun and prank your friends' computers. If you have other interesting info or tricks, please write your opinion in the column comments below this.

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