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10 best & best selling Japanese comics of all time

There are so many Japanese comics that have succeeded in reaping success and sold hundreds of millions of copies in the world, such as the following best Japanese comics.

Reading manga or Japanese comics is an exciting activity to fill your spare time so it doesn't feel boring. The choice of genres is also very wide and varied.

Even though it is only a reading book, in fact Japanese comics are still popular and loved by many people today. Are you one of them, gang?

That popularity also turned out to be successful in making several Japanese comics reap immeasurable success to become the best ever.

So that you are not curious, here is Jaka's summary of reviews about 7 of the best Japanese comics of all time which you can read. Listen, come on!

Best Japanese Comics to Accompany Free Time

Looking for Japanese comics to read when you're bored and to add to your collection? In that case, you should know the sequence The best and most popular Japanese comics until now.

Japanese comics often present very interesting storylines to follow so that they get many fans who are curious about the sequel.

Then, what are the best Japanese comics with interesting storylines that won't bore you while reading them? Here's the review, gang.

1. One Piece

In 2014, One Piece recorded in the Guinness World Record as the comic with the most number of printed copies written by one person.

When getting the award, the best Japanese comic by Eiichiro Oda has sold more than 320 million copies worldwide, gang.

If you've watched the anime or read the One Piece manga, you'll remember the adventure Monkey D Luffy sailed the seas with the pirate crew he led.

TitleOne Piece
StatusOn going
Release dateJuly 22, 1997 - present
WriterEiichiro Oda
GenreAdventure, fantasy

2. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball only published 42 volumes. Even so, this best selling Japanese comic was unbeaten for years before being replaced by One Piece.

This old Japanese comic was craved by the 80s generation and it turned out to have dominated the world's manga sales and has sold more than 230 million copies, gang.

This manga tells of Son Goku's adventures in collecting Dragon Balls that can grant wishes. On his way, he is met with formidable opponents.

TitleDragon Ball
Release date3 December 1984 5 June 1995
WriterAkira Toriyama
GenreAdventure, fantasy, martial arts

3. Naruto

The anime and comic Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto tells the world of ninjas full of intrigue, stories of friendship, and revenge.

The best-selling Japanese comic about the child who was used to seal the nine-tailed fox has sold more than 205 million copies and finished its 72nd volume.

Story ninja adventure This legend has apparently lasted for 15 years, namely since 1999 and ended in 2014, the gang.

Release date21 September 1999 10 November 2014
WriterMasashi Kishimoto
GenreAdventure, fantasy, martial arts

Other Best Japanese Comics...

4. Go-toubun no Hanayome

This cute and romantic Japanese comic is a manga that won the 43rd Kodansha Award in the Best Shonen Manga category.

Go-toubun no Hanayome it has even been adapted into an anime series that aired in Winter 2019 and is rumored to be getting a second anime series.

Since its release in 2017, Negi Haruba's work on the harem story of the 5 twin girls has sold 2.9 million copies, gang.

TitleGo-toubun no Hanayome
Release date9 August 2017 19 February 2020
WriterHaruba Negi
GenreHarem, romantic comedy

5. Akachan to Boku

Manga also known as Baby and Me It tells the story of the life of a father and his two young sons, namely Takuya and Minoru.

Their mother died long ago, so father educated Takuya to share housework and of course take care of Minoru, the gang.

In 1995, this cute Japanese comic got Shogakukan Award in the Shoujo category. Then in 1996, this manga was adapted into the saddest anime.

TitleAkachan to Boku
Release dateMay 2, 1991 - June 20, 1997
WriterMarimo Regawa
GenreComedy, Drama, Shoujo, Slice of Life

6. Ao Haru Ride

Romantic Japanese comic by Io Sakisaka, Ao Haru Ride, managed to sell up to 9.3 million copies since its release in 2011 until the end of 2014.

This manga tells the story of Yoshioka Futaba, a high school student who is trying to change her image in order to live a new life in high school.

However, fate brings Futaba together with her childhood friend, Tanaka as her schoolmate. Futaba tries to convey his true feelings to Tanaka.

TitleAo Haru Ride
Release date13 January 2011 - 13 February 2015
WriterIo Sakisaka
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Slice of Life

7. Detective Conan

Who doesn't know the anime about the most popular detective entitled Detective Conan? Yes, the anime is adapted from a Japanese comic with the same title.

This manga tells of a teenage detective, Sinichi Kudo whose body shrunk to the size of a child from the poison, gang.

He also changed his name to Conan Edogawa and continues his adventure with his lover, Ran Mouri and his father who is also a detective, Kogoro Mouri.

TitleDetective Conan
StatusOn going
Release dateJanuary 19, 1994 - present
WriterGosho Aoyama
GenreMystery, Thriller

8. Happy Marriage!?

This Japanese comic about marriage tells the story between a girl named Takanashi Chiwa who has no experience of love at all.

Chiwa also met a man named Mamiya Hokuto, young entrepreneur owner of a leading company. Behind his success, it turns out that Hokuto has a bitter past.

Stories presented in Happy Marriage?! it's quite complicated. At the beginning of the story, you will tear up. Then, later the story will turn out to be funny and exciting.

TitleHappy Marriage?!
Release dateJanuary 8, 2009 - June 8, 2012
WriterMaki Enjoji
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance, Josei

9. Samurai Eito: Hachimaruden

If you are a big fan of Naruto and Masashi Kishimoto, then the latest manga from him, namely Samurai 8: Hachimaruden very readable.

This Japanese comic about Samurai is made with modern and traditional Japanese nuances a la Naruto, and the sequel by Mikio Ikemoto and Ukyo Kodachi, Boruto.

As the title implies, this 2019 most popular Japanese comic tells the story of Hachimaru, a disabled boy who aspires to become a Samurai.

TitleSamurai Eito: Hachimaruden
Release date13 May 2019 - 23 March 2020
WriterMasashi Kishimoto
GenreAdventure fiction, Samurai cinema, Science Fiction

10. Yotsubato!

In addition to popular online comics, Youtsubato! is also one of the Hiragana Japanese comics that can help you learn Japanese, gang.

This bilingual manga tells the story of the daily life of a 5 year old little girl named Yotsuba Koiwai. He is very energetic and cheerful.

Yotsuba also has a high curiosity and likes to act uniquely. To the extent, his own adoptive father said that he was a strange child.

StatusOn going
Release dateMarch 2003 - now
WriterAzuma Kiyohiko
PublisherASCII Media Works
GenreShounen, Comedy, Slice of Life

Those were the 10 best Japanese comics of all time from various different genres. The ten manga also presented a very interesting storyline to follow.

In fact, some of them have become the best-selling Japanese comics in the world because they have sold hundreds of millions of copies. Interested in reading?

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