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13 most effective ways to save iPhone battery

iPhone battery drains fast? Calm down, gang. Try doing the following ways to save iPhone battery so that the battery is not wasteful and can last all day.

Apple is always improving battery life on iPhone. Even the latest iPhone, the 11 Pro Max, is claimed to have the longest battery life.

But it's a different story if you use an old type of iPhone or a version below the newest product. You must often feel that the battery is quite wasteful, right?

Therefore, in this article, ApkVenue will show you several ways to save iPhone battery, both for iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, or iPad.

How to save iPhone battery to make it last longer

1. Don't Close the App

Let's start by dispelling the battery-saving myth. iPhone users tend to stop apps when not in use.

This is indeed logical so that the application does not suck the battery from the background. You can do it with a click Home button twice and swipe up on the app you want to close.

In fact, this method is not quite right. Closing the application will make the RAM work from scratch again when the application is opened. This matter enough to drain the battery if it continues.

In fact, Apple also does not recommend this and has confirmed that closing the application will not increase battery power.

2. Remove Battery-Waste Apps

You can see a list of the most wasteful apps in the menu Battery Usage. How, open Settings > General > Battery and swipe down.

Here, you'll see which apps suck the most battery in the last 24 hours or the last 7 days, gang.

If you find an application that is not very important or is rarely used, you can delete the application and look for an application with a similar function that is more battery efficient.

3. Delete Facebook App

Like Jaka said earlier, battery life is exacerbated by battery-consuming applications, one of which is Facebook.

It's no secret that this application is known to waste battery. Facebook has also acknowledged that its iOS app uses a lot of resources in the background.

according to The Guardians, Deleting the Facebook app can save iPhone battery up to 15 percent. You can also continue to access Facebook through the browser application.

Other Ways to Save iPhone Battery...

4. Turn off AirDrop

AirDrop is an iPhone feature that requires a Bluetooth connection that allows you to transfer files such as photos to an iPhone device.

Unfortunately, this feature is quite battery-intensive, gang. For that, make sure you have turned off iPhone AirDrop and only turn it on when needed.

In this way, you can save more on battery usage because the AirDrop feature has been turned off so that it stops consuming power.

5. Turn off Raise to Wake

Raise to Wake is a feature that allows iPhone to turn on automatically when picked up. So, you don't need to press any button to turn on your iPhone.

Although it makes it easier when you want to see the clock or notifications on the iPhone, unfortunately this feature wakes the iPhone more often and makes battery consumption increase.

Therefore, disabling this feature will help you save battery. To turn it off, go to Settings >Display & Brightness. Scroll down, then slide the Raise to Wake switch to the right.

6. Turn Off Background Apps

Saving iPhone battery can also be done with deactivate less important apps running in the background alias Background App Refresh.

More and more apps are gaining access to features Background App Refresh, meaning that the higher the application eats up the iPhone battery.

To turn it off, go to Settings >General >Background App Refresh. Then, select the application that you think is less important.

Not all applications need this feature, for example, games. But, for messaging applications, you must turn on this feature, gang.

7. Turn Off Notifications on Lock Screen

Apps that run offline default will display a notification on the lock screen that makes your iPhone turn on so you can easily see it.

Good, really. But again, not all apps need to use this feature. Moreover, because you have to sacrifice battery life.

The fewer apps you allow, the less screen time you have on the screen, resulting in better battery life.

Luckily, you can customize the notifications you want to appear on the lock screen. How, open Settings >Notifications >, then select the application and turn off the option Show on Lock Screen.

8. Shorten Auto-Lock

Auto-Lock or waiting time before smartphone standby turns out to have the potential to be a way to make the iPhone battery last longer.

If you want to really save battery, ApkVenue recommends choosing the shortest time, namely 30 seconds. So, when the iPhone is not, it will lock itself.

But, for normal daily use, it is more convenient to use 2 minutes. You just adjust it to your needs. How to set it open Settings >General >Auto-Lock.

9. Enable Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode will disable apps running in the background, reduce screen brightness, and reduce certain effects.

In addition, this feature can also suppress the work of the processor so that it consumes less battery power, gang.

This feature should be activated when you really need to save battery. But, if in daily use, you don't need to activate it because it will hamper the iPhone's performance.

To activate the Low Power Mode feature on iPhone, you can open Settings >Battery and turn it on Low Power Mode.

10. Limit Location Services

Since the release of iOS 13, the Location Service feature has received additional functionality. Now, you can set when your iPhone shares location data with each app you use.

Saving iPhone battery doesn't mean you have to turn off this important feature, but you have to manage which apps are allowed to use this location services feature.

This feature makes iDevice yours to be smarter. But if you allow a lot of applications, then it has the potential to suck up the battery quickly.

You can manage this feature by going to Settings >Privacy >Location Services. Scroll scroll down to see which apps are allowed to access the location.

11. Disable Automatic App Downloads and Updates

The best iPhone applications always provide regular updates and bring a variety of the latest, more sophisticated features.

You can also choose to download or update the application or not. However, some applications may perform automatic updates.

When the iPhone battery is in good condition low, updating applications can certainly drain battery power and make it run out quickly.

For that, you can disable automatic downloads and updates to avoid iPhone updating when the battery is low.

12. Take advantage of the Dark Mode Feature

This feature makes the iPhone theme change to black color and looks cooler. Not only themes, even the slider menu, user interface, and even some applications also change color.

But, presence Dark Mode in iOS 13 it's not just about looks. In fact, Dark Mode is proven to save battery, especially on iPhones that use OLED screens.

When activating Dark Mode on iPhone, battery consumption becomes even more efficient. This is because the screen does not need to illuminate the dark colored part.

The black background color will also minimize the work of the iPhone so you can use it longer, gang.

13. Maximize Battery Health

To check battery health, go to Settings >Battery > Battery Health. In the menu there is information Maximum Capacity.

Maximum battery capacity above 80 percent can be said to be healthy. You can also take advantage of options Optimized Battery Charging to maximize battery charging.

In addition, you can also perform battery calibration, which is the process of normalizing the battery so that the battery capacity is read by the system correctly and accurately.

How to calibrate iPhone battery This is done by draining the battery until it is completely dead, then fully charging it in the off state. You just do it once a month.

Well, that was how to save iPhone battery which you can try for various versions of iOS. In this way, of course, the battery power can last longer.

In addition, saving the iPhone battery can also simultaneously maintain the health of the battery to make it more durable and long lasting, gang.

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