how to make reverse text on whatsapp (message and status)

Have you ever had any of your chat friends on WhatsApp send messages in reverse? Here's how to write upside down on WhatsApp!

So the favorite chat application for smartphone users, WhatsApp is full of a myriad of advanced features. Not just chatting or sending files, WhatsApp can also be used to make voice and video calls, as well as status updates.

But if you send messages or status updates on WhatsApp that are just like that, it must be boring. So you don't get bored, JalanTikus will give you how to write upside down on WhatsApp.

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How to Make Reverse Text on WhatsApp

Haven't any of your chat friends on WhatsApp sent messages in reverse? Not just messages, but sometimes WhatsApp statuses too. Curious huh? Makes me want to know how to make reverse writing on WhatsApp.

You can make reverse writing directly on the smartphone by:

  • Download app Upside Down (Flip Text) on your smartphone.
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  • Open the application, and start filling in the words you want to turn upside down in the box on. And the result of the word that is made upside down is in box lower.
  • Please Copy and Paste the words you made upside down earlier to WhatsApp. Can be in the message or in Status.

It's done. How easy is it to write upside down on WhatsApp using this Upside Down (Flip Text) application? Oh yes, not only on WhatsApp, the writings made by this application can also be used for other applications.

Good luck!

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