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7 of the most terrifying ghost number myths, don't try!

Urban legend about a mysterious phone number has existed since ancient times. Do you dare to call these five ghost numbers? (2020 Updates)

Who here still often uses telephone facilities using pulses? Not a phone WhatsApp and Line that's free, gang.

In this modern era, many telephones with pulses have been abandoned. Even so, there are a lot of fun things that can be done with this phone.

Children in ancient times must have often played pranks on other people by calling any number. From this ignorance, an urban legend emerged about ghost number, gang.

7 Most Terrible Ghost Phone Number Myths

There are so many horror stories and horror films that take the theme of a mysterious phone. These spectacles and stories make us become paranoid when calling or being called by the devil's number.

In horror movies and stories, picking up or calling a ghost phone number is believed to put you under a curse or even terror. Wow, it's scary, gang.

Not only that, it turns out that nowadays there is also a ghost WA number, you know! Curious? Let's see more below!

1. 978-435-0163

The first mysterious phone number on this list is 978-435-0163. When calling this number, you will hear strange noises.

You will hear the voice of a man who is sobbing. From his echoing voice, it seemed that he was in a cave or culvert.

Lots of water splashing sound in background-his. In addition, there was also a strange scream that didn't sound like a human voice. Sounds like a monster like that, gang.

If you're curious but scared, you can watch the YouTube video titled Creepy Phone Number 4 uploaded on the channel Charles Gray.

2. 828-756-0109

Number 828-756-0109 is also one of the urban legends that is quite scary. When traced, this number is from North Carolina, United States.

Keep in mind, when you call this number, you will be charged a fee roaming high because you are calling overseas.

When calling this number, you will hear a deafening noise and a man's voice chanting binary codes.

According to urban legend, the binary code when deciphered has meaning "Death" or death.

You can hear this sound yourself by watching the video entitled 828 756 0109 uploaded reluctxnt on YouTube.

3. 408-634-2806

There are so many rumors that talk about the horror of phone numbers 408-634-2806. Some say, this number is the number of Red Room.

Reportedly, the person calling or being called by this number will be tracked down and kidnapped and then tortured and killed in the Red Room.

When you hear this urban legend, you will definitely remember the horror remake called One Missed Call or even The Ring.

When you call him, there will be a horrible, demon-like voice saying "All's well that ends well" accompanied by terrible music.

Investigate a calibaration, it turned out to be just an urban legend alone. The number is just one of the marketing techniques used by the game titled Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery.

4. 090-4444-4444

Have you watched the movie? The Ring original Japanese? Terror Sadako Until now, it can still scare Jaka, gang.

In the film, the number 090-4444-4444 is the phone number Sadako uses to call her potential victims. Even though it's only in movies, many people are curious, gang.

He said, anyway, when called, you will hear a sound that is quite terrible. I don't know if the number is part of a promotion for The Ring movie or if it's a ghost number.

To be sure, the Japanese really forbid the number 4 because it means death in Japanese. The number has 8 pieces of the number 4 which is very avoided by the Japanese.

5. 777-7777

If this urban legend comes from Indonesia, gang. 90's generation kids must have heard of phone numbers 777-7777.

Reportedly, this number belongs to a ghost with the nickname Mr. Flat. Mr. It is said that he has a flat body and is covered in blood.

According to legend, Mr. Gepeng is a wealthy businessman who died because he was trapped in a hospital elevator. There are also those who say that Mr. Flattened died because he was run over bulldozer.

Mr. The uneasy sprawl then becomes a curious spirit. In the past, people believed because this one ghost roamed in the bathroom, gang.

If you call 777-7777, it says you can talk to this ghost. Instead of being terrorized, you will actually get a lot of money.

Mr. A flat who is said to be a former wealthy businessman will put money in the toilet hole for the person who calls him. Wow, that's weird, isn't it?

6. +1 (669) 444-1925

Maybe many of you have heard of the 2020 ghost number, namely Yotteno. This urban legend was very crowded at the beginning of the year.

Starting from a mysterious FB account named Yotteno who will send terrible messages to random people. People who don't reply to their messages say that their account will be banned.hack.

Apparently, Yotteno has now moved to WA, gang. Many Indonesians tried to send WA to the number above and got terrible replies.

The terror doesn't end there. This ghost's WA number will video call the victim at 2 am. But don't ever try to call, gang.

The reason is, YouTubers with channels Jeri's Room almost lost money at his ATM as much as Rp. 30 million. Yotteno turns out to be a malicious hacker who uses phishing to steal victim's data.

7. +81345102539, +5226681734379, & +573135292569

From 2018 to 2019, the internet was shocked with Momo Challenge. This trend started with the story of several teenagers who received a reply WA message from the owner of a mysterious number named Momo.

It is said that Momo will reply to the WA messages of people who "lucky" and will give them a challenge. If not done, Momo will terrorize the person.

This challenge is similar to Blue Whale Challenge where people are challenged by suicide. He said, anyway, Momo Challenge has killed up to 12 teenagers in Argentina.

Wow, don't join in contacting this original ghost WA number, gang!

That's Jaka's article about 7 urban legends about ghost phone numbers that will give you goosebumps at the disco. Dare to try?

See you in another Jaka article, gang!

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