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7 latest and best romantic thai dramas 2020

Need the latest romantic Thai drama recommendations? Jaka has here some titles and synopsis of the latest and best romantic Thai dramas to watch.

The Thai film industry has started to build its influence in Indonesia. Some successful Thai films such as Suck Seed and ATM have quite a large number of fans in Indonesia.

It's not only the films that have good quality, the dramas produced in the land of the white elephant are also quite stunning, especially romantic Thai dramas.

The concept of Asian romance that is used as the theme in this drama still feels close to Indonesian culture, and makes it easy for Indonesian audiences to accept it.

7 Latest and Best Romantic Thai Dramas

Several romantic Thai dramas have succeeded in catapulting their names outside of Thailand thanks to their interesting stories, unique themes, and because of their charming cast.

With the high interest in this, the Thai entertainment industry never stops producing quality dramas every year.

Of the many dramas on the market today, here are 7 of the newest and best romantic Thai dramas that you can enjoy right now.

1. Girls Next Room (2020)

This latest romantic Thai drama was just released in March this year. Girls Next Room divide the story into 4 parts different love story.

With a concept like this, Girl Next Room is trying to presenting a story that is not too long to keep the audience from getting bored.

The four stories raised in this drama also take different themes to keep the audience curious about what surprises will be shown next.

InformationGirls Next Room
ShowMarch 1, 2020 - ? (On going)
Episode24 Episodes
Cast* Pathompong Reonchaidee

* Prachaya Ruangroj

BroadcastGMM TV

2. Turn left Turn Right (2020)

One of the best romantic Thai dramas, this one tells the story of three adults who regret their decision during his life.

These three people then find a mysterious bar and there the bar owner offers the option to rewind time for the three.

The story of Turn Left Turn Right is inspired by a book called Turn Left, Turn Right (A Chance of Sunshine) written by Jimmy Lao.

With this unusual story concept, you will keep waiting what surprises might happen in the next episode.

InformationTour Left, Turn Right
Show2 February 2020 - 5 April 2020
Episode10 Episodes
DirectorDan Worrawech Danuwong
Cast* Beam Kawee Tanjararak as Phat

* Nanon Korapat Kirdpan

BroadcastGMM 25

3. My Ambulance

This romantic comedy Thai drama tells the story of a pair of lovers who have been in love for more than 15 years.

Not only falling in love, this woman (Thantawan) too have magic power who can summon his partner (Peng) instantly when he wants to.

This romantic movie-like love story must face the test when bad accident happened, and made Thantawan lose his memory.

His miraculous powers now make things even more complicated because Thantawan has a hard time understanding why he has this kind of power.

InformationMy Ambulance
ShowSeptember 6 - October 26, 2019
Episode16 Episodes
DirectorAncient Naruebet
Cast* Davika Hoorne

* Wongravee Nateetorn

BroadcastTV line

4. Game Sanaeha

Thai drama Game Snaeha tells the story of a beautiful, temperamental woman (Nok) who trying to cancel the matchmaking planned by his parents.

In order to smooth this plan, Nok made a plan to break the heart of the man chosen by his parents playing with his heart.

This romantic Thai drama recommended really for you to watch, other than because the story is interesting the acting from the players is also quite good.

InformationSanaeha Games
ShowJune 25 - August 7, 2018
Episode14 Episodes
DirectorChudapa Chantakett
Cast* James Jirayu Tangsrisuk

*Gul Amena

BroadcastChannel 3

5. Thong Ek Mhorya Tha Chalong

Thai Drama Romantic Comedy this one takes place during the Thai royal era A long time ago.

This drama tells the story of Thong Ake a man who tries his best to become a traditional doctor, inspired by his grandfather who is also a traditional doctor.

Thong Ake's life changed when it came a tomboyish girl who also wants to become a traditional doctor. The difference in character makes the two often fight and cause a lot of problems.

This romantic comedy, apart from being able to make you hungry, will also make you laugh out loud with the various comedies it inserts.

InformationThong Ake Mor Yah Tah Chaloang
ShowJanuary 31 - March 20, 2019
Episode14 Episodes
DirectorChudapa Chantakett
GenreComedy, Romance
Cast* Mario Maurer

* Imanothai Marriage

BroadcastChannel 3

6. Hua Jia Sila

One of the best Thai dramas, this one tells the story of Tor, the son of a rich businessman's mistress who was young as a child always being tortured by her stepmother.

One day Tor ran away while being tortured by his stepmother and jumped into the river. This incident made the stepmother think Tor died.

A few years after that incident, Tor returned again under the pseudonym Sila with revenge plan to his stepmother.

InformationHua Jai ​​Please
ShowMarch 4 - June 10, 2019
Episode27 Episodes
DirectorThanawat Panyarin
GenreDrama, Romance
Cast* Mtor Thanapob Leeluttanakajorn

* Wattanajinda Sirapan

BroadcastGMM One

7. Boy For Rent

One of the newest romantic Thai dramas, this one tells the story of two women Smile and Liz who hire two men to be his lover.

Smile does this to learn how to win over a guy, while Liz does it to make her cheating boyfriend regret what he did.

Of course, things didn't go as smoothly as they thought. Smile and Liz involved in unexpected things with their rented girlfriend.

InformationBoy For Rent
ShowMay 10 - August 2, 2019
Episode12 Episodes
DirectorKoo Eckasit Trakulkasemsuk
GenreDrama, Romance
Cast* Sananthachat Thanapatpisal font

* Aye Sarunchana Apisamaimongkol

BroadcastGMM One

Those are some recommendations as well as a synopsis of romantic Thai dramas that are suitable to watch to relieve the fatigue of everyday life.

Although the Thai entertainment industry is not as famous as Korea or Hollywood, the quality of the dramas they make is still very worth watching.

Hopefully the information that Jaka shares this time can entertain you, and see you in the next articles.

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