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10 ways to become a celebgram for beginners, get rich quick!

How to become a celebgram this time is really suitable for those of you who want to be known to the public and get a lot of endorsements. Come on, see the full discussion below!

Do you want to be famous celebrity? But you are confused about where to start building his career?

In the midst of today's many professions, celebrity has become a new profession coveted by many people, especially teenagers.

Having abundant money and being known to many people, may be some of the reasons why this new profession is so in demand.

Well, for those of you who are interested in becoming a famous celebrity, this is perfect! You see, in this article, Jaka will give you some tips on how to become a celebrity and get a lot of endorsements, gang.

Curious? Come on, just take a look Powerful tips on how to become a famous celebrity more below!

Collection of Ways to Become a Successful and Rich Celebrity!

Can you collect rupiah coffers and become famous with just a smartphone and a fast internet connection? Who doesn't want to, right?

But, you can achieve all of that by doing some powerful tips on how to become a celebrity below.

Oh yes, for those of you who want to know how to become a TikTok celebrity, you can also apply the methods below, right!

1. Create Another Social Media Account

Photo source: Techno Okezone (Want to know how to become an endorsed and famous celebrity? Try creating some other social media accounts).

One of the reasons why you should have another social media account is so that you can promote your Instagram account on various sites platform others, gang.

The more other social media accounts you have and continue to be active in them, the more likely you are to become famous on Instagram.

For the record, you don't need to create all social media accounts in this world, choose the social media that is most widely used by active users, for example Twitter or Facebook.

2. Tidy up Feed Instagram

Tidy up feed Instagram is one of the important tips or steps that you must take if you want to become a famous celebrity, gang.

You can post photos or videos with the same color tone as your previous IG post to make it more presentable, attractive, and pleasing to the eye.

Several celebgrams such as Awkarin, Gitasav, and many others also apply this method to their Instagram accounts, you know!

3. Upload Aesthetic Photos/Videos (Edit Using Apps!)

Although the Instagram application itself already provides built-in editing features, it would be even better if you also have additional applications for editing photos that will be posted on IG.

Currently, there are many best photo editing applications that offer a variety of interesting features and of course for free, gang.

You can set filters, exposure, brightness, contrast and others practically and instantly only with the help of photo editing applications on smartphones.

Even though doing this doesn't necessarily make you famous, but at least these tips for becoming a celebrity are really worth trying.

4. Use Caption which is interesting

Photo source: Colesprouse (Using interesting captions is one of the tips on how to become a beginner IG celebgram, TikTok, or other must-try platforms).

This one tip may often be missed when you are thinking how to become an IG celebrity in 1 day and can make a lot of money from endorsements.

In fact, these tips themselves are important as personal branding when you want to have a career as a professional celebgram, gang.

You can just use caption wise, English captions, funny, or tell the events behind the photos/videos you upload.

In addition, you can also use the current Instagram caption which you can read in the following Jaka article:


5. Interact With Followers

Photo source: Instagram @kyliejenner (One of the tricks on how to become a teen celebrity that you should try is interacting with followers).

For those of you who want to improve engagement audience on Instagram, you really have to do this method, gang!

Because that way, you are not only known with a good image, but also able to determine rate card you as a celebgram when there is brand who want to endorse or paid promotion.

Every now and then reply to DM, comment, or just like post fans who tagged your name. Guaranteed, this will make it easier for you to become a celebrity.

Oh yes, if you want to know how to increase Instagram followers, you can check out Jaka's article below, OK!


How To Be Another Celebgram...

6. Connecting

Photo source: IDN Times (Instead of looking for ways to become an IG celebrity with an application, it's better to establish a connection so that you become a celebrity quickly).

By establishing a connection, what Jaka meant was don't be proud to make friends and hang out with lots of people, gang.

Not only fellow celebgrams, if possible even establish connections with various brand and products so that you canendorse, including brand smartphones.

The main key for these tips on how to become a celebrity is that you don't hesitate to introduce yourself and be friendly with everyone you meet.

Oh yes, these tips apply to any celebrity, including those of you who might be looking for a way to become a song cover celebrity, yes.

7. Don't Overuse Hashtags (In fact, it's ridiculous!)

If you think that more hashtags will help people see your post, it turns out that this feature is no longer very effective.

There are even banned hashtags that you shouldn't use when posting photos or videos.

So, you should only choose a few hashtags only the one that best fits the theme of the IG post. Or you can also choose hashtags most popular that many people are looking for.

8. Content Management

Another quick and easy way to become a celebrity that you have to do is content management, gang.

According to a research, there are certain times where our posts will be more effective for more people to see.

To post photos, recommended to post at 8 and 9 am. As for videos, it is better to post at 9 pm.

One way to get around so that your Instagram content can be regularly posted at these hours, you can set a posting schedule to Instagram automatically using an application called Preview.

Oh yes, these tips can also be done by those of you who are looking for ways to become a famous little celebrity, huh!

9. Recognize Audience Characteristics

Photo source: Oberlo (Want to know how to become a celebgram in a day? Get to know the characteristics of the audience first to get started).

One of the important things for those of you who are looking for a way to become a famous celebrity is know the audience.

You can take advantage of the features Instagram Insights to be able to find out information about your audience; such as gender, age, to the hours/days they usually choose to access your IG account.

If you already know the characteristics of the audience, then you just have to adjust the content to be posted with what your audience thinks you like.

By posting content that is right on target, then engagement Your IG will also increase and of course this will make it easier for you to become a celebrity, gang.

10. Strong Intention

Want to know how to become a beginner celebgram? Strong intention and consistent with what you want to achieve!

Yes, gang! If you're looking for a way to become a celebrity in one day and get famous and have lots of endorsements, it's definitely not there. Unless you want to be known with a bad image.

Keep fighting, make various efforts as much as possible and pray to realize your dream of becoming a celebgram or influencer successful Instagram.

If you are successful in becoming a celebgram, you must continue to explore various other Instagram features to provide variety of content. For example, by creating content on IG TV to be famous.

Best Camera HP Recommendations for Celebrities!

The quality of the content is definitely one of the important weapons if you want to build a career as a quality celebrity, gang.

Well, to support this, you need to use a gadget that is able to support your needs as a celebrity, including in the matter of taking photos.

Therefore, choosing a smartphone with the best camera can be the solution if you don't want to spend big money to buy a DSLR camera.

But, what are the smartphones that offer quality photos that are suitable for a celebrity?

Instead of being curious, you just read Jaka's article about "15 Mobile Phones with the Best Cameras in 2020 by DxOMark" below this:


Those are Jaka's tips on how to become a successful celebrity like your favorite celebrities. As well as recommendations for the best camera cellphones that you must also try.

If you follow the tips above from Jaka, it is guaranteed that you will become a successful celebrity, gang.

Congratulations on being a celebgram famous! Good luck~

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