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how to get rid of ads on bbm without installing bbm mod

Often bothered by the many ads on BBM Feeds? If so, JalanTikus, there is a way to safely remove it from BBM without installing the BBM Mod application.

Not only in terms of services and features, even BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) has also begun to include advertisements as a form of monetization. No doubt, the existence of advertisements that often appear on feeds application chat This is also considered disturbing.

Are you a loyal BBM user and don't want to be bothered by ads? Don't worry, JalanTikus has prepared a new way to safely remove ads on BBM.

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How to Remove Ads on BBM Safely

Previously, JalanTikus had provided an article on how to remove ads on BBM using BBM Mod. However, for those of you who are worried about smartphone security from mod applications, try the following methods:

  • Make sure your BBM application is the latest version. If not, please go ahead updates only from the Google Play Store.
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  • Open your BBM application, then go to the tab Recent Updates or BBM Feeds. Look, lots of ads huh?
  • To remove ads on BBM, it's easy. You just change the BBM settings Feeds-his. Change from All to Contacts. That way, you will only see updates from your BBM friends only.

Very easy, right? Without having to be complicated and risky malware from the BBM Mod application, now you can safely remove ads on BBM. Good luck!

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