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5 differences between android and ios operating systems

Both are superior operating systems that are widely used in the world, here are some differences between the two.

Android and iOS are two giant operating systems that are currently the most popular among smartphone users in the world.

In fact, these two operating systems are also able to beat many other HP operating systems such as Symbian or BlackBerryOS which are now finally bankrupt.

Both are popular and very influential in the development of the HP world, what exactly is the difference between these two operating systems?

Difference between Android and iOS Operating Systems

Being able to survive and become the ruler of the gadget world, of course, the Android and iOS operating systems have many advantages that other OS does not have.

But, what are the differences between the two OS's themselves? Come on, find out the answer in the full article below.

1. Customize Display

If seen from interface or the interface of the two, both the Android and iOS operating systems have similarities in the form of touch gestures such as sliding, tapping, and pinching.

Only in terms of display customization freedom user interface (UI), both have differences, gang.

The Android operating system itself allows users to customize the appearance such as adding widget and shortcuts on the page home, or even change the entire UI appearance using the application launcher.

Meanwhile, on the iOS operating system users are not given the freedom to do this, gang.

Although still able to add widget, but widget on iOS OS can't be installed on the page home but only in notification bar just.

2. Official App Store

Currently all smartphones are equipped with application stores that provide lots of interesting applications that users can download.

Even though they both have app stores, it's just that the app stores available on Android and iOS phones are different, gang.

Android phones are equipped with an application store called Google Play that can be freely and easily accessed via the role of a cellphone or PC when connected to our Google account.

Meanwhile, iOS itself has an application store called the App Store which can only be accessed via devices made by Apple, gang.

3. Data Sharing

Sharing data is one of the activities that are often carried out by smartphone users today, whether from cellphone to PC, PC to cellphone, or cellphone to cellphone.

Unfortunately, this will be very difficult for users who have cellphones with the iOS operating system, gang.

That's because iOS devices can't do this share data to another device with a different OS except using iTunes.

No wonder iOS devices are often touted as anti-social devices because of these limitations.

Meanwhile, on the Android device itself, users can freely share data to other devices using either Bluetooth or a USB cable.

However, the limitations of iOS actually make it more difficult for iOS devices to be attacked by viruses that can potentially damage files, gang.

4. Source Model (Source)

The next difference between these two operating systems is the source or model sourceher, gang.

Android is an open source operating system or commonly known as "open source", which means that the device with this OS allows it to be freely modified by the user.

Meanwhile, iOS is a closed source operating system or "closed source" so that users of devices with this OS are not given the freedom to change the device according to their own wishes.

Although open source OS at first glance looks superior, but it can also be a weakness, you know, gang.

That's because the operating system open source can be used by irresponsible parties who can potentially spread viruses and malware on the Android OS used.

5. Virtual Assistant

Along with current technological developments, now developers have also provided their operating systems with personal virtual assistants that can help make it easier for users.

You can make any command using the help of this virtual assistant such as calling someone, setting an alarm, opening certain applications, and others.

The Android operating system itself relies on a virtual assistant called Google Assistant, while iOS relies on Siri.

Basically, both virtual assistants have the same function, namely helping users.

It's just that Google Assistant offers more things where users can ask for entertainment or games, while Siri is more monotonous and stiff.

BONUS: Android And iOS Comparison Table

Display CustomizationCan add widget in home screen

Can use application launcher

Widgets only appears in notification bar
Official App StoreGoogle PlayApp Store
Data SharingCan use bluetooth and USB cableMust use iTunes
Source ModelOpen sourceClosed source
Virtual AssistantGoogle AssistantSiri

Well, those were some of the differences between the popular Android and iOS operating systems, gang.

With some differences that are owned by the two, of course, these two operating systems also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, it is very difficult to determine which is the best, because they both offer distinctly different features.

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