how to make a website into an android application without coding

Of course you have favorite websites that you open every day, right? To make it more exciting, ApkVenue has an easy way to make a website into an Android application without coding. It's very easy, here's how.

Of course, you have favorite websites that you open every day dong, for example StreetRat and Facebook. As you know, Facebook does provide an application that powerful for Android and iOS smartphone users.

Unfortunately, the Facebook application is also known to be very wasteful of storage space and battery. Realizing this, Facebook finally released the application Facebook Lite lighter.

However, not all of our favorite websites provide applications for smartphones and not all applications on smartphones have a light version like Facebook Lite.

Reporting from Wonderhowto, Jaka found something really cool. Allows you to turn a website into an Android app in just a few seconds. Curious, right? Following How to make a website into an Android app.

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How to Turn a Website into an Android Application

1. Install Hermit - Lite Apps Browser

To make the web into an Android application, we need the help of the application Hermit - Lite Apps Browser which you can download on JalanTikus or on the Google Play Store. With this application, you can turn the web into a Lite application.

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2. Making the Web into an Android Application

After you download and open it, then you click Featured Tour, there are 6 pages that briefly explain the advantages of the Hermit application. Now, to make the web into an Android application, you select the plus button at the bottom right.

Next you enter Website URL into the bar at the top of the screen, for example or select one of the popular website recommendations from Hermit.

After the Jaka website is open, you can change name Lite application that you will create. Then click the add button, it will appear pop up confirmation and click create.

Now, the JalanTikus Lite application you have successfully created and you can find it on Facebook homescreen.

3. Customizing the Appearance of Lite Apps

From here, you can then customize the Lite application that you have created. You can turn on pull to refresh, scroll to top, full screen, and frameless. For loaded content, some of the options include Block Ads, Load images, Open links in Lite App, Do Not Track, Desktop site, and Data Saver mode.

Furthermore, you can also manage the permissions of the Lite app. Such as access to location, photos, videos, cameras, and microphone. If it's Jaka's advice, the important thing is to turn it on full-screen and frameless modeto get an experience like using a real app.

Oh yes, swipe to the side there is a tab Themes, where you can set the color for the status bar, action bar, and choose the app icon as you like. Then there is a tab Integration which lets you set up notifications and search functions.

4. Browse Favorite Websites Without Ads and Save Battery

How, how to make a website into an Android application above is very easy, right? Now you can be more satisfied and comfortable browsing your favorite websites that are ad-free and more battery efficient.

Oh yeah, if for example shortcuts Lite app not showing to homescreen. The solution is you can change launcher others, remember a lot launcher now its just one layer.

5. Get to know the JalanTikus Web App

You already know dong, if JalanTikus 'mejeng' at Google I/O 2016. is the first website in Indonesia and the second in the world to implement PWA (Progressive Web Apps).

One of the biggest advantages of using PWA (Progressive Web App) is that you can access JalanTikus PWA even when you are not connected to the Internet.

You do this by accessing // on your Android Chrome browser, then Add to homescreen. Now you can access JalanTikus just like an Android app without the need for the Hermit app. It's so crazy? Good luck yes.

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