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how to find instagram unfollowers easily and accurately

Are you often annoyed to see the number of followers suddenly decrease? Curious to find out? Here's how to find out who unfollowed us on Instagram.

As social media, Instagram allows users to interact in the form of follow, like Instagram photos, until they reply stories. Instagram is also equipped with features Push Notifications so you don't miss an exciting moment.

Unfortunately, Instagram is not provided with notifications if someone unfollow we. For that, Jaka this time will share tips on how to do it how to find out who unfollowed Instagram we.

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How to Know Who Unfollowed Instagram

Usually there are many people who deliberately follow other people, but once theyfollowback and the number of followers he has increased, he even unfollowed us. Unfortunately, he's still on our Following list if he doesn't get caught. So, let's find out how to find out who unfollowed Instagram we are following.

How to Find Instagram Unfollowers with Instafollow for Instagram

Because Instagram doesn't provide alert about who unfollowed us, then we have to rely on other apps for help. The ways to find out who unfollowed Instagram are:

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  • Install the app InstaFollow for Instagram. The file size is small, not up to 1MB, so you don't have to worry about your Internet quota being broken.
  • Once installed, run the InstaFollow for Instagram application. Then login with your Instagram account.
  • If successful login, click Instagram profile you. Here you can start checking the overall data analysis of your Instagram account.

As for what you can see in the InstaFollow for Instagram analysis data, namely: 1. Engagement: To see the performance of your Instagram account. 2. User Insights: To see the habits of the Instagram accounts of people on your timeline. 3. Blockers: To find out who blocked your Instagram account. 4. Gained Followers: To find out the number and who are the new Followers on your Instagram. 5. Lost Followers: To find out the number and who unfollowed your Instagram.

The more often you use Instagram, the more accurate the data generated by the InstaFollow for Instagram application will be. You can use this application to find out who the Followers are who often comment but never give comments heart, or often give heart but never comment. Cool, right?

How to Find Instagram Unfollowers with Unfollow for Instagram

In addition to the applications above, there is one more application that you can rely on as an application how to find instagram unfollowers you are Unfollow for Instagram. Here are the steps to use the application:

  • Install the Unfollow for Instagram application on the Play Store or directly download the application above. Once installed, you can directly log this account yours. After logging in, this is how your Instagram account will look in the application.
  • To find out who unfollowed your Instagram, you can do refresh on the icon on the top right (in a red circle). Then process scanning which is useful forupdates your following and followers data will start.
  • After process scanning finished, select the Non Followers menu to see Instagram unfollowers aka who are your unfollowed friends. The name of the friend who unfollowed you will instantly appear in the list.
  • Not just one or two, did you find a lot of friends who unfollowed you? This application has a feature that can help you unfollow many people at once. You do this by clicking UNFOLLOW 50 USERS at the bottom right of the screen.

That's some how to find instagram unfollowers us easily and with accurate data. Now you no longer need to be curious or annoyed when you see your number of followers is decreasing. You can immediately find out and decide to immediately 'execute' by unfollowing back, or ask the person directly. Good luck!

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