5 ways to deal with PC restarting or turning itself off while playing games

This time ApkVenue will discuss how to overcome a PC that restarts or turns itself off while playing games. Want to know more? Check out Jaka's review below, OK!

Have you ever experienced PC restart or die alone while playing the game? Jaka has also experienced this incident while playing the game Point Blank (PB) and other games. It's not fun when you're playing games, suddenly the PC suddenly restarts with the monitor screen blank, but the PC is still on or on.

After Jaka finds out from various sources, finally Jaka knew what to do. Well, this time Jaka will discuss how to deal with a PC that restarts or turns itself off while playing games. Want to know more? Check out Jaka's review below, OK!

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5 Ways to Overcome PC Restart or Turn Off Alone While Playing Games

1. Check RAM

Try checking the RAM on your PC, is it rusty or dusty? If RAM rusty or dusty, clean with cleaners such as brushes and erasers to rub on the RAM rust. If you have done this, try to see if the PC is normal for playing games.

If still not normal, change your RAM or increase the RAM capacity, for example, it was only 2 GB in size, increase it again to 4 GB, because the game now requires a large enough RAM.

2. Check VGA

The next way to solve the PC restart itself is to check the VGA. Usually VGA problem (The VGA is not the one onboard) same with RAM, clean dust or clean rust.

However, the difference is, an external VGA card is usually experiencing heat. Try checking the fan, if it doesn't work properly, replace it with a new fan or if the fan doesn't have a problem, try using it thermal paste so that the VGA becomes a bit cool.

3. Check Processor

The processor is the brain of the computer if overheating it is not recommended to be forced to do activities on a PC. So if you're playing a game, it's better chill more first, then continue again.

Use a fast processor above 3.0 GHz for decent results when playing games.

4. Check the Power Supply (PSU)

power supply is the most important part of the PC to supply power to all components of the PC. If the power requirement on the PC 700 watts, but the PSU used only has 450 watts of power, so be prepared for the PC to restart and turn itself off while playing games or other activities.

The solution to overcome the PC restart itself if you use the default PSU or a low-power PSU, then: replace with a new PSU which is much more powerful than before. For the brand, use a trusted one, such as AcBel, Antec, CORSAIR, FSP, TAGAN, THERMALTAKE, and XIGMATEX.

5. Check Programs or Applications

Multiple OS (Windows, Linux, Mac, and others) usually there are support and not to run an application, program, or game. If there is a problem restarting the PC when running the program, then the solution is reinstall operating system.

Sometimes there are programs that also crash or error, if the problem is like the Point Blank game, then reinstall it, updates or take the file from the internet cafe, because usually the game is open source, free to publish. Unlike other applications that must be really original.

That's several ways to deal with a PC that restarts or shuts down by itself while playing games. If you have done the above method but it still doesn't work, then another way is to disassemble and service our own PC. Good luck!

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