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50+ best & latest korean drama quotes 2020

Are you looking for Korean drama words that pierce your heart? This series of Korean drama quotes will make you baper and completely dumbfounded.

Who likes it so much watch the best and latest Korean dramas? In each episode, the audience is not only treated to stunning scenes of the characters, but also beautiful dialogues quote finish.

That's why, many are looking for korean drama quotes on the internet because he feels his words are very relatable to personal and family life. The quotes you are looking for are varied, ranging from motivational, sad, to romantic words.

Well, for those of you who are looking for the latest and best korean drama quotes that hits the heart, Jaka will help you. Continue to follow this one review, yes!

Best and Latest Korean Drama Quotes 2020

Based on Jaka's investigation, there are many korean drama quotes which fits our life very well. Moreover, these words are spoken by idol Korean characters or actors.

The words in this Korean drama contain their own messages that can make us happy, laugh, contemplate, sad, or even surprised.

According to various sources, here is Korean drama quotes collection that Jaka managed to collect!

Romantic Korean Drama Quotes

Photo source: KPopmap

a row romantic Korean drama wrapped in comedy proved successful in making the audience baper. Without needing to linger, here are some romantic Korean drama words that Jaka has collected.

I just want to love him for a long time. And happy with him for a long time too.

~ Nice Guy

I will protect you as best I can. Because I want to survive.

~ Devilish Joy

And this is not easy. It will be very difficult, maybe we have to try every day. But I want to do this because I want you.

~ It's Okay This is Love

You are a miracle. As long as you are beside me, during that time I feel a miracle.

~ To The Beautiful You

People who love each other will eventually meet again. It doesn't matter how far apart the distance is. Love is like that.

~ Stairway to Heaven

It's not just because I love you, but it's because I only love you. If it wasn't you, then I wouldn't have anyone else.

~Secret Garden

You are always the reason I laugh, get angry, get up to fight, and feel hurt. This is a new thing for me. I thought I had no heart. I try to close myself off so that no one can enter my life. But you, were the first person I allowed into my heart.

~Bride of the Century

When you're with me, you're free to lean on anytime. My shoulders are stronger than they seem. My shoulders are strong, to always support and encourage you.

~ Fated to Love You

My every moment is you, when I love and when I hurt. Even at the moment of separation, you are the whole world to me. And my every moment is you. Without you I can't explain how my life will go on.

~ What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

With you, now my heart finds its most beautiful melody.

~ Angel Eyes

Goblin Korean Drama Quotes

Photo source: The Jakarta Post

Until now, there are still many who are looking for quotes Korean drama Goblins the famous bring tears to the audience. Here is a collection of quotes that will make you sad to the maximum.

I used to think that my life was a gift. However, I finally realized it was a punishment. I can never forget anyone's death.

~ Goblins

Even the deepest sorrow cannot last for 1000 years. And even the deepest love can't last for 1000 years.

~ Goblins

My mother said everyone is born with their own notes. My notes didn't contain the words 'happy' or 'luck', no matter how hard I searched for them.

~ Goblins

You are by my side, I don't mind to live forever.

~ Goblins

Which love and sadness do you choose? Sad love?

~ Goblins

My heart keeps beating fast making a thumping sound. He is my first love.

~ Goblins

Sad Korean Drama Quotes

Photo source: Culture Trip

There are so many who like quote words sad korean drama because it is very related to his life. Here are sad Korean drama quotes that you must read!

Even if you say that you erased it, love will not easily disappear. Love does not reside in the memory, but it is engraved in the heart.

~ Big

Cry if you want to cry, if you hold back your tears, your heart will only hurt more.

~ I Miss You

The scars will get deeper, depending on how long the lie continues to be a lie. Plus, there's nothing more painful than finding out the truth from someone else. The confession must be made by the person who has lied.

~ My First Love Season 2

Tears are the most accurate representation of feelings. Humans will cry if their feelings are strong. Such as too happy, too sad, too lonely, too wrong and others. Although there are also deceptive tears.

~ Love Rain

The person you like betrayed you and hurt you, so don't be sorry and hurt.

~ Nice Guy

I'm not sick, I'm just devastated.

~ Greatest Love

I don't expect you to like me, I just hope you don't hate me.

~Fashion King

I'm the only one who still likes you even though I know you don't feel the same as me.

~ My Mister

What makes him sad and what makes him hurt. Why are you only smiling for a second? I never asked. My love is shallow love.

~ Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Don't trust anyone, we come to this world alone and we leave alone.

~Bad Boy

Lonely? I've always been alone from the start. Whether it's lonely or not so lonely. Nothing has changed.

~ Extraordinary You

Korean Drama Quotes about Life

Photo source: Dramabeans

Talk about the values ​​of life, the champion Korean drama, the gang. You can see it in a row the best drama watching site. Here are Korean Drama quotes about life that can motivate and inspire you.

Live as if every day is your last. Then you will cherish every remaining time in life.

~ Playful Kiss

In life, we learn more from failure than from success.

~ Moorim School

Maybe life will be full of embarrassing things every day. But I hope you don't. Don't look down on yourself!

~ Fight for My Way

We are all born innocent, but for some reason some people become evil. Evil plagues good people, turning them into monsters. But I believe that in the end it's the good that happens.

~ Birth of a Beauty

Your life will not end just because today is a sad day for you.

~King of Baking, Kim Takgu

Do you know why wedding rings are worn on the weakest finger? Maybe it means we should live to support each other.

~ My Wife Have An Affair This Week

Miracle is another name for hard work.

~ To The Beautiful You

Everyone has sad times, but it will all pass. If you can hold on a little longer, it will all pass. Trust me, this will really pass.

~ Healers

School is not just a place to enter university, school is a place to make someone mature.

~ School 2013

Korean Drama Quotes about Dreams

Photo source: Korean Channel

Korean dramas also provide motivational and inspirational words about dreams and dreams, especially those you see in a series This latest Korean drama download site. Here are some of them!

Tell yourself, - Never give up on your dreams! - , because dreams are created not only for talented people, but also for people who dream.


A dream is something you want to achieve, even if at first glance it seems like you can't achieve it.

~ Good Doctor

Don't give up on achieving your dreams, because dreams are not only for those who have talent, but also for those who dare to dream.

~ Dream High 2

Despite all the obstacles, we still try. Despite all that, we still believe and try our best. That is life.

~ Oh my Venus

Don't compete with your past. Instead, expect great things from your future and love yourself in the present.

~Master's Sun

If man wants to be successful, he needs dreams and love.

~ Angry Mom

The more difficult the environment in which a child is in, the more the child must have dreams.

~ The Heirs

Korean Drama Quotes about Farewell

Photo source: Korean Drama Fashion

Separation is always painful, gang, especially if it is caused by external things, for example affair. But it will feel even more sad and sad when you read the following Korean drama quotes about separation.

Do you know how sad I am today? And how much do you miss me today?

~Lie To Me

He never waited for you, he never liked you, so don't cry anymore about it, he has completely left you.

~ I Miss You

Not that I don't like holding hands. I just don't like it when I have to let it go again. That warm feeling disappeared and it made me feel like the only person left in this world.

~ Her Private Life

I'm not at peace if you leave without leaving any message.

~ My Bride, My Love

A farewell should have been said at the outset. Because when that time comes, we won't have time to say it.

~ My Love from The Stars

Even though we have often misunderstood and quarreled, but later when we are far away, we will definitely miss these times.

~ Missing Nine

Korean Drama Quotes about Friendship

Photo source: Kholic.id

In the end, Korean dramas also teach the value of positive and inspiring friendship, gang. Usually you will find these values ​​in a row best korean drama about school. Do not believe? Here's the list!

When someone reaches out their warm hand after you fall. Nothing more, nothing less, just one person, approach a crying friend and tell him this: Me and us, no matter what obstacles we face, it's okay if you get hurt because you're only 18 years old.

~ Who Are You: School

Only a friend's hand can pull out the thorn stuck in the heart.

~ Who Are You: School

Not being able to congratulate a friend on his success will be like living in a hell of your own making.


That was a series of the latest and best Korean drama quotes that you can use as your favorite quote words.

If you have a collection of other best Korean drama words, please write them in the comments column below, yes. See you in the next Jaka article!

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