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7 ways to fix laptop keyboard not working

Laptop keyboard not working? Don't worry, how to overcome or fix it is very easy, you can even do it yourself at home!

Laptop keyboard not working? Take it easy, how to overcome or fix it is very easy and you can do it yourself at home. In fact, you don't have to spend a lot of money to service a laptop!

It must be admitted, a keyboard that cannot function optimally must be a terrible specter for any user, whether it's users of ASUS laptops, HP, or other brands, yes, gang.

What should you do next? Here ApkVenue will tell you some tricks how to fix a laptop keyboard that doesn't work most powerful and 100% guaranteed works.

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Keyboard is one of the hardware which has a very important role. However, because it is often used, the keyboard is also one of the laptop components that are most susceptible to damage.

Either a laptop keyboard that doesn't work partially, is locked, presses itself, until it doesn't work because it's exposed to water. Then how to fix it?

Laptop Keyboard Not Working? This is the cause!

Reported from several sources, if the laptop keyboard does not work partially or even completely, this could be due to a problem with the laptop software or hardware.

However, is that all or are there other factors? Now before we focus on how to fix a laptop keyboard, you must first know the cause of this important gadget not working properly.

Briefly summarized, here are the causes of a laptop keyboard not working:

  1. Hardware Crashes: Covers pads on the keyboard that are loose or insensitive.
  2. Spilled Liquids: Automatically will make the keyboard short.
  3. Exposure to Dust or Foreign Objects: Dust or foreign matter squeezing between the keyboards can make it partially or completely malfunctioning.
  4. Software Error: The software on your laptop or PC doesn't work match with keyboards.

How to Overcome Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Well, in this tutorial, ApkVenue will discuss solutions on how to fix a laptop keyboard that doesn't work, is less responsive, or even damaged.

Instead of being curious, let's just discuss how to solve a laptop keyboard not working from the easiest.

1. Confirm Keyboard Damage

Basically there are two things that could be the cause of the laptop keyboard not working on Windows 10, 8, or 7, gang. Whether it's because hardwareher or because software-his.

Determining which part is damaged is very important because this determines what kind of treatment will have to be done to the keyboard.

How to check it? Try to access BIOS your laptop. If you can log in and use your keyboard, then the damage is most likely on the software.

2. Clean the Keyboard from Dust (The Easiest Way to Repair a Laptop Keyboard)

If some of the keyboard keys do not work partially or completely, while the other keys are fine, there is a possibility that the laptop keyboard has an error due to hampered by accumulated dust.

To effectively remove dust from the keyboard, here are things you can do:

  1. Make sure your laptop is disabled.
  2. Tilt the laptop at an angle of 75 to 90 degrees.
  3. While tilting, shake your laptop to get rid of the dust.
  4. Clean the bottom and top of the keyboard again with tape.
  5. Check all buttons, whether they are working or not.

3. Restart Laptop

If suddenly the laptop keyboard doesn't work at all, then most likely the problem is in software/drivers. Try restart laptop you, maybe this is enough to fix it.

Sometimes software laptop experiencing error which causes the hardware connected to the laptop to not work as it should.

If you can't do restart from the menu start, hold down the button power for 5 seconds (maximum 15 seconds) and the laptop will restart to solve the laptop keyboard error.

Or you can read the following Jaka article to find out a collection of ways to restart laptops from various brands:


4. Restore Windows

If your keyboard stops working after installing a new app or changing settings, then give it a try Restore Windows, gang.

System Restore or Restore Windows itself serves to restore the system to a state before the laptop experienced an error.

If it turns out that the cause of the damaged laptop keyboard is caused by a problem software, then this Restore Windows will most likely solve the problem.

To restore a Windows system in this way, here are the steps:

  1. Click Start menu and from there, click Control Panel.
Photo source: JalanTikus (The first step in fixing laptop keyboard not working with Windows restore).
  1. Highlight menu options System and Security then select Back up your computer.
  1. On the next page, click Recover system settings or your computer.
  1. Then click Open System Restore.

From here, just follow Wizard simple to do restore your windows. Laptop will do reboot.

If it's a system problem, the keyboard should be healed and usable.

5. Fix Keyboard Driver

Laptop keyboard problems that don't work partially or fully can also occur because of: drivers your keyboard is not up-to-date or there is a malicious application that causes the keyboard to be less responsive.

You can check and confirm whether drivers your keyboard is working fine or not from Device manager. Here's how:

  1. Search and open the Device Manager program.
  1. After that, you select keyboard driver and click icon collapse who was beside him.
  1. If you find exclamation mark icon yellow in the keyboard driver menu option, then you should update the driver by right-clicking and selecting 'Update Driver Software'.

  2. Next, you just follow the instructions that appear on the laptop screen.

Oh yes, this trick also applies to those of you who may have problems laptop keyboard arrows not working or something to do with keyboards, gang.

6. Take it to an Authorized Service Center

If all of the above methods don't work, it's most likely due to a problem hardware. You better check official service center if your laptop is still under warranty.

If it's out of warranty, you can ask for help from a computer technician you trust. Usually the problem is in a small wire, such as a broken ribbon cable and can be easily fixed.

If it turns out the problem is bigger and the repair costs are expensive. So, you have to think carefully about repairing or buying a new device.

BONUS: Alternative Ways to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Photo source: HowToGeek (Alternative bonus how to fix PC keyboard not working).

If the problem with the laptop keyboard not working still persists, while the above method doesn't work and hasn't had time to go yet service center, the solution you can use external USB keyboard to type.

There are many external keyboards with attractive designs, although they are a bit of a hassle.

In addition, if in an emergency, you can also use the virtual keyboard feature that is already available in the Windows operating system.

How to activate the virtual laptop keyboard, click Start menu >All Programs >Accessories >Ease of Access >On-Screen Keyboard.

Or if you are using Windows 10, you stay type keyword On-Screen Keyboard on the Windows search box, gang.

How to take care of a laptop keyboard so it doesn't get damaged quickly

After you read the reviews above, you definitely don't want your laptop keyboard to get damaged and not work, right? Therefore, you must know the tips and tricks to take good care of the keyboard.

Here's a brief summary of how to take care of a laptop keyboard so it doesn't get damaged quickly:

  1. Use Keyboard Cover: Use a special layer of silicone to protect the keyboard from dust and foreign matter.
  2. Don't Press the Keyboard Keys Too Hard: Laptop keyboard is too fragile, be aware if you want to type, don't be too hardcore.
  3. Use External Keyboard: If you feel too fast in typing, better use an external keyboard.
  4. Don't Put Heavy Objects on the Keyboard: This can trigger laptop keyboard pads to become looser and insensitive.
  5. Keep away from Liquid: If it gets exposed to liquid, your laptop keyboard will automatically short circuit and can harm your own laptop hardware.
  6. Regularly Clean Keyboard: Clean the laptop keyboard from dust and foreign matter regularly.

Oh yes, you can also use the wireless keyword at an affordable price, you know! If you are interested in buying, please read Jaka's article entitled Recommended Cheap & Best Wireless Keyboards.


Those are some ways to fix a laptop keyboard that doesn't work, is less responsive, or is damaged that you can easily practice yourself.

Error it often happens in electronic devices. That's why it's important for you to know how to properly repair a laptop keyboard.

Hope this helps your problem or do you have any additional tips? Share in the comments column yes.

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