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why is there a padlock sign in the chat line? Turns out this is the secret

Have you ever wondered why there is always a padlock sign when chatting on LINE? Even though the lock is small, it turns out that the padlock sign in LINE chat has a very big function!

Since its introduction, LINE immediately attracted the attention of many smartphone users. How can I not, it's not just offering features chat, LINE is also equipped with services voice and video calls are fairly stable. And don't forget, cute LINE stickers make chat more and more exciting.

Well, for those of you who often chat on LINE, have you ever found a padlock sign on LINE chat? For those of you who are curious about the lock sign on chat What does LINE mean, JalanTikus has an explanation.

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The Mystery of the Padlock Sign on LINE Chat

In addition to reading the best news on LINE Today, you definitely use LINE to chat right? Because it can't be denied chat on LINE it's really fun. But your fun chat can be disturbed if you do not understand all the features. Like si lock sign in the left corner when chat LINE. Curious what it's for?

The function of the Padlock Sign in Chat LINE

Investigate, the function of the padlock sign on LINE is as a protector that ensures security chat you. This feature will be active if the service Letter Sealing activated. In short, Letter Sealing is a comprehensive communication system encryption service (End-to-End Encryption or E2EE) to protect the content of your conversations.

With the Letter Sealing feature, you can send messages on LINE without fear of all the contents of your conversation being read by others if one day server LINE conceded or a hacker has tapped your smartphone. This applies because the E2EE feature it brings makes the messages you send are equipped with passwords so that they are only stored between devices, not on the server. So only your smartphone can read it, with only the person you sent the message to.

How to activate the Letter Sealing feature or a lock sign on the chat LINE? For Android smartphone users, this service will be automatically activated automatically default. While for iOS users, you can activate it manually by entering the menu Settings - Chat & Voice Calls, then enable Letter Sealing.

In addition to the padlock sign in the left corner when chat on LINE, feature chat encrypted on LINE is the existence Encryption Key on the menu Chat Settings. Each device's encryption key is different, so it's impossible for a third party to open it on server LINE. Guaranteed safe.

How, behind the padlock on the LINE chat, it turns out that there are important features, right? Without activating this feature, you can't rest easy when chat on LINE. Because you will never know if there is hacker or pranksters tapping conversations on your smartphone?

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