the most advanced android lockscreen application so far

Lockscreen alias screen lock is the first interface that we encounter when we want to use a smartphone. Tired of how it looks? Here are the 5 Most Advanced Android Lockscreen Applications that You MUST Install.

When it comes to customizing the interface, no other operating system can beat it Android. You can do a lot of customization of the appearance as you like, from applying themes, icons, and even changing launcher, and lockscreen.

Oh yes, this time JalanTikus wants to discuss the most advanced Lockscreen Android application. Lockscreen aka screen lock is the first interface we encounter when we want to use a smartphone. Reporting from Wonderhowto, the following 5 application recommendations, apart from a cool appearance, have impressive features.

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The Most Advanced Android Lockscreen Application So far

There are indeed a lot of Lockscreen applications on the Google Play Store. You must be confused to choose it, you also have to be careful because some can contain malware. Therefore, ApkVenue chooses 5 applications The most advanced and best Android lockscreen which you really have to try!

1. Cover Lock Screen (beta)

The first most advanced Android Lockscreen application is Cover Lock Screen, not only looks attractive. Cover also provides a row of applications on the side of the screen. Very practical, you don't need to open the lock screen and open the application. Simply from the Lockscreen, all applications can be accessed with one swipe. Interestingly, the applications on the side of the screen will change according to your location. Sophisticated right?

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2. Corgi for Feedly News Magazine

The next best Android Lockscreen application is Corgi for Feedly News Magazine. If previously Cover relied on the ability to quickly access applications, Corgi offers news information directly on your lock screen. So, it is guaranteed that you will not miss any news. You can choose the news topics you like and can also integrate accounts Instagram you. One more thing, Corgi is integrated with security features available on smartphones such as fingerprint, PIN, pattern, or password.

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3. SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

In iOS 10, the Lockscreen display on iPhone is experiencing make over which is quite large. now SnapLock it offers view lockscreen the latest iPhone style on your Android smartphone. You can integrate with notifications and on the left there is a special page that displays the weather widget, access settings shortcuts, and suggestions for applications that you open often. Minimalist but functional!

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4. Next Lock Screen

The next most advanced and best Android Lockscreen application is Next Lock Screen made by Microsoft which is very feature rich. Many further settings you can customize, Next is integrated with Bing Images and have shortcuts smart one. So, you will be greeted with beautiful new photos every day when you use your smartphone.

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5. AcDisplay

Entry The last in the list of the most advanced Android Lockscreen applications is AcDisplay and maybe this one is the most unique. AcDisplay offers a new way of handling notifications on Android, where your Lockscreen can function as a notification center. So, you won't miss any important notifications that come in.

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Those are the 5 most advanced Android Lockscreen applications that you deserve to try. In addition to reducing boredom, the new Lockscreen can also improve the smartphone experience. Easier and can increase productivity. So from the list above, which one do you prefer?

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