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how to restore lost contacts on android phone

Here's how to quickly and easily restore lost contacts. Don't panic if suddenly your HP contacts are lost!

Are you looking for a way out how to restore lost contacts?

THIS time, ApkVenue will tell you how to overcome it. Because the HP contact number is very important to support social relations and to find new opportunities.

By restoring lost contacts, you can also re-establish good relations with relatives and friends and exchange information.

How to Restore Lost Contacts Quickly

What is important for you to do is to have an email account for backing up data, especially HP contact numbers.

By backing up data with email, you can eliminate the risk of losing contact numbers, you know.

That's because you've automatically made your email account into an alternative data store.

However, Jaka also provides recommendations for other alternative ways to restore lost contacts through the menu on the cellphone, really.

Let's see until the end, the explanation from Jaka below!

How to Restore Lost Contacts via Contacts Settings Menu

The easiest way when you want to restore lost contacts is through the Settings menu.

Because you only rely on the internal features of an Android cellphone so you can easily do it.

Here are the steps you have to do to restore a lost contact number:

  1. Open the Contact list on the Android phone.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu icon at the top right of the Contacts menu view.
  3. Select Settings, then tap on the Contacts option.
  4. Then, select the Import/Export Contacts menu.
  5. Select the Import from Storage menu, then select HP Brand Account, for example Mi Account for Xioami HP.

In this way, the lost number can be found if you save it in the HP's internal memory.

Each brand of Android cellphone certainly has a different look. However, basically the method is almost the same.

How to Restore a Contact Number Through Gmail

For those of you who have a Gmail account, you should not waste the free 15 GB memory facility from Google.

Because besides you can save files on Google Drive, besides that you can also make your Gmail account as a backup data store.

Including you can also save HP contact number data in your Gmail account, you know.

To restore a contact number via Gmail, let's just follow the steps below!

  1. Login to the Gmail account that you use to save the contact number.
  2. Select the Google Apps icon (nine dots) in the top right corner next to the Settings menu, then select the Contacts menu.
  3. After that, you select the Export option.
  4. Later, the Go to Old Version option will appear. Just select the Yes option.
  5. After all the contacts appear, select the Check List sign to restore the lost contacts to be returned.
  6. Select the More option, then select the Restore Contacts option.
  7. Set a time when the contact hasn't disappeared.
  8. Synchronize these contacts through the Settings menu / HP Settings.
  9. Go to the Account/Account menu and select Google, then select Sync Now.
  10. Automatically, lost contacts will reappear in HP contacts.

Make sure you have selected the correct contacts to restore and sufficient internet quota to carry out the contact recovery process, yes.

That's how to restore lost contacts in seconds. However, you also have to be patient to choose a lot of contacts if they are lost and want to be recovered.

Good luck!

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