The 10 best cartoon face applications that must be on your Android phone

You can freely process photos into what you want, including making them into cartoon faces. What kind of cartoon face applications do you think...

Not only smartphones that discuss how fast the performance of the CPU it has, or how much RAM is presented in a cellphone. You can also process photos with the application and generate cartoon face lol. The method?

Right, with the presence Android smartphones, that means you can freely process photos into what you want, including making them into cartoon faces. In your opinion, what cartoon face applications are suitable for you to use on your favorite Android phone?

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10 Best Cartoon Face Applications that MUST be on Android Phones

1. Paper Camera

Paper Camera is an application to edit photos and make them cartoon faces. The available effects are really cool and trendy. Jaka is sure, whatever photos you edit through this Android application, the results will be perfect.

This cartoon face application on Android also provides a variety of other features that can arouse your taste buds. Besides being a cartoon, you can also create sketch effects, half tone, noir, and many other effects. Interested?

2. MIX - Photo Editor Pro

Do you like the results of the Lomo camera? Well, then you can use MIX - Photo Editor Pro. Because, in addition to making a cartoon face, you can also create effects like those produced on the Lomo camera in this application. Other film color effects can also be found here.

3. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX

In addition to the applications above, to process photos to be funny, trendy, cool and look like professionals, you can use Photo Lab Picture Editor FX. Various filter effects such as Black&White, Neon, Glow, Oil Painting available in full here. Are you interested in using it?

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4. Sketch Me! - Sketch & Cartoon

To make your photos into cool cartoon characters, you can also try an application called SketchMe! - Sketch & Cartoon. As the name implies, filters such as sketches and making them into cartoons will be fully available. You can adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation settings with a comfortable interface.

5. Cartoon Photo Filter Effect

By running the application Cartoon Photo Filter Effect, you can edit your photos to turn them into cartoons taken directly from the camera or the Gallery app. Other than that, tools provided is also complete. There is crop, rotation, and various other cartoon style effects that you can use for free.

The filters presented are not the geeky filters found in other photo editing applications. Here, a variety of amazing filters are presented in full. Interestingly, the interface design is very simple, so when you open this application, you are guaranteed to immediately understand all its features.

6. SuperPhoto

Other cartoon face apps on Android are SuperPhoto. This application is equipped with more than 200 free filters that are ready for you to create. You can try combining the appropriate filters one by one so that the results look charming. If you buy the paid version, there will be more than 1500 filters and other effects.

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7. PicsArt - Photo Studio

Edit photos into cartoons? No need to worry! You just download the app PicsArt - Photo Studio. Because, this application can not only make photos more beautiful and beautiful, but also can produce cartoon effects that are no less interesting than other photo editing applications. So, still thinking if you want to find another application?

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8. Cartoon Camera

Not much different from the previous photo, to process photos of cartoon faces, you can also rely on Cartoon Camera as one of the photo processing applications on your favorite Android phone. However, keep in mind that the filters in this application you can use when you take photos.

The advantage of Cartoon Camera is that its interface is fairly simple. So, for beginners you will quickly understand how to use it. Then, already there 12 cartoon filters quality that you can try.

9. MomentCam

Application MomentCam guaranteed to change the structure of your photo into a caricature like a real cartoon. Because there are various variants templates the caricatures that are presented in this cool application, and are able to become a cartoon character that has artistic value.

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10. Prism

If you are up to date, surely you know the application Prism? Yes, this one application is able to give the feel of new photos. Because, this application offers a variety of features that will not complicate your life. The result? Your photo will look like a charming cartoon painting. Interesting right?

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That's a collection of the best cartoon face apps on Android that you must have on your smartphone. From the list above, which one do you like the most? Share your opinion in the comments column below.

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