5 ways to cheat the latest free fire 2021 + apk cheat ff

Cheat Free Fire is widely used by cheaters. Here's the Latest Cheat + APK Cheat FF 2021 which is commonly used by cheaters in the game.

Free Fire cheats may only be used by cheaters who are not confident in their abilities in playing games.

This cheat method can give greater damage and can even get free FF diamonds.

Of course in every game there must be loopholes that can be misused and modified by ignorant hands. It doesn't matter if it's an offline game or an online multiplayer game.

Likewise with Free Fire, which was also cheated by hackers. This cheat allows your character to do things beyond game standards, such as auto headshot, bullet unlimited, and much more.

Well, you must be curious, how do you cheat for FF diamond or something else? Just take a look at the tutorial on how to cheat FF which is commonly used by cheaters.

1. How to Cheat FF with the Citer FF Application

The first Free Fire cheat method is to use a modified application or MOD APKs which is combined with the Android cheat application, Game Guardian.

Game Guardian is usually used on a rooted cellphone, but Jaka has a way of using Game Guardian without having to root the cellphone first.

The trick is to use virtual hosts or Android clone apps, like Parallel Space or Virtual Xposed.

You must also have script or coding Game Guardian to run this FF cheat APK and other Android games. Here are the tools you need to download:

Script (.lua) Cheat Free Fire:

  • Script Free Fire 1.27.2 Brutal Edition(Anti banned, Damage ++, Antenna, etc)
  • Script Free Fire by Technical Sumar(Xray, Fly hack, unlimited ammo, Immortal, etc.)

FF MOD APK and OBB Free Fire:

  • Free Fire MOD APK 1.56.1
  • OBB Free Fire 1.56.1

Game Guardians APK:

  • Game Guardians v101.0

Virtual Hosts and VPNs:

  • Virtual Xposed
  • China VPN (to avoid Force Closed)

Make sure you download all the materials above, because you will need all of them so that the cheat can run in the game, gang.

Free Fire Cheat Steps Without Root

Then, how to cheat with the completeness that you downloaded earlier? Well, here's a tutorial on how to cheat FF without root that you have to follow.

  1. Install the Free Fire, Virtual Xposed, Game Guardian, and Chinese VPN applications to your cellphone.
  1. Copy and paste the com.dts.freefireth folder to the obb folder on your cellphone. The step is to open Internal Storage > Android > obb.
  1. Open the app China only VPN, click the middle square until it turns blue.

  2. Wait until you are connected, how to find out by showing a lock sign in the notification.

  1. Open the app Virtual Xposed. Click the six-dot button at the bottom of the screen. Click Add App, then select the Free Fire and Game Guardian applications. Click Install and select Virtual Xposed.
  1. Back to the main Virtual Xposed page, swipe up on the screen. Run the Free Fire game first until you enter the game Lobby. Exit without closing the game.
  1. open Game Guardian in app Virtual Host. choose Start to run the application. Game Guardian will be floating widget.

  2. Reopen your Free Fire game, then in the game lobby open Game Guardian and select Execute Script like the picture below.

  1. Select the Script file format .lua that you have downloaded in the File column. Then click Execute. Select the cheat you want and click OK.
  1. Finished. Cheats are active and ready to play!

Shaped cheats script usually found on the internet, players who use cheats usually download the latest cheats in the Android game cheat application, Game Guardian, gang.

If the script earlier doesn't work, you can also see the latest update of the Free Fire cheat script here.

Update the Free Fire cheat script

2. How to Cheat Free Fire Diamond with FF Generator

Free Fire always releases new skins that are no less cool and tempting than previously released skins. Unfortunately, this skin can only be purchased with diamonds.

Well, instead of a Free Fire diamond top-up that can drain your wallet, you can try how to cheat FF diamond and money. This way is not fair, but at least it can save your wallet.

Without diamond cheats APK, you can also get free FF diamonds by using the Free Fire Generator. You can check the complete method in the following article, gang.


3. How to Cheat FF Auto Headshot with FF Config

It's useless to have skin, but don't have skills. Agree, right? Shooting on target is the main ability needed to play Free Fire.

Unfortunately, not all players have this ability. In fact, if you have god-level skills, you can continue to get headshots.

Eits, don't be confused! Even though you don't have skills like professional players, you can shoot right on target even without the auto headshot application.

Then, how FF auto headshot cheats 2020? Easy! You just need latest FF config which you can download in the article below.


4. How to Cheat Free Fire with Bellara VIP

Want to be able to do a lot of 'magic' things so that you win in the game? In that case, you can use Bellara VIP Cheats APK, gang.

Bellara VIP is the most complete Free Fire cheat application containing a collection of FF cheats. So, you can search and find the best city in this application.

If you want to download the invulnerable Free Fire cheat, the Free Fire emulator cheat, or other cheats, you can also rely on Bellara VIP, you know! Complete guaranteed!


For those of you who can't wait to download the Bellara VIP MOD APK cheat, just click on the link below!

Apps Developer Tools DOWNLOAD

Or via the following link:

>>>Download Bellara Cheat Free Fire MOD APK<<<

5. How to Cheat Free Fire with Rendysc VIP

Besides Bellara VIP MOD APK, there are other Free Fire cheat APKs that you must try. The application is Rendysc MOD VIP.

By downloading this latest Free Fire cheat, you will continue to feel the excitement of Booyah very easily, especially if you have used the best Free Fire control settings.

One of the advantages of Rendysc VIP MOD 1.47.0 which is also similar to the previous application is the features auto aim that can make you headshot Keep going.

Can't wait to download Rendysc VIP MOD APK and Booyah without stopping? You can directly click the link below, gang!

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

>>Download Rendysc VIP MOD APK<<

The Risks of Using FF Cheats in Free Fire Games

Not without risk, there are some dangerous impacts that you must be prepared to bear when using this secret code. Here are some of them:

  1. Account Banned; Garena threatens to block accounts that use the game code FF.
  2. Player's HP Also Banned; Even though you have changed accounts, you still can't play FF ​​on your cellphone. The solution is to replace a new HP, gang.
  3. Your Skill Is Not Developing; When the cit can no longer be used, you will be in trouble because your skills can't compete with other players.
  4. Harming Other Players; Who wouldn't be upset if they lost to a citer?
  5. Possible Spam & Hacking; Because it's not an official download from the Google Play Store, the uploader may insert a virus or malware into the FF cheat APK above.
  6. Disadvantage Game; Free online games like FF rely on microtransactions to make a profit. If the player uses a diamond cheat, Garena might close this game because it keeps losing.

There he is how to cheat Free Fire without root HP you can try. But, it is very likely that your account will be banned if you are caught cheating, gang.

Jaka also hopes that this article will not be misused for negative activities for Free Fire players.

Write your opinion in the comments column, guys, you can also share tips for Free Fire. See you in the next tips article!

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