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5 ways to check your own xl number, fast & easy!

How to check XL number quickly and easily? Can you do it! Check out the complete collection of ways to check XL numbers here.

Check XL number turned out to be very easy and fast. In fact, there are some secret tricks that you can use when checking your own card number.

Of course this guide is very important. You don't want it, right, you can't buy it the best and latest XL internet package because you forgot and don't know how to check your own XL number?

But how? Calm down, because this time Jaka will tell you some how to check XL number 2020 which you can try. Check it out!

How to Check Your Own XL Number 2020

Just like how to check the Smartfren number or how to check the Axis number, you can also check the XL number through several very easy methods, gang.

There are a total of 5 ways to check XL numbers that you can do, such as via dial up/USSD, customer service, MyXL application, MyXL website, and via SMS/phone.

You can choose whichever method you think is not complicated. Curious, right? If so, see below in full, gang!

How to Check XL Axiata Number Via Dial Up/USSD

The first way is through the USSD menu via dial up. This method is quite simple because it only requires a few steps.

1. Type the check code for XL number

  • First of all, you open the Phone app on your Android or iOS cellphone.

  • After that, enter the code *123*7# then press the Call button using the XL operator.

2. Choose number 2

  • After you press Call, several menu options will appear. In the menu that appears, you type the number '2' to find out the details of the XL number then press the Enter key.

  • Next, you type the number '1' to select the 'Check Profile' menu option.

3. Choose number 1

  • Next step, you type the number '1' to select a menu option My XL Card Info. Tada! now you can see your XL number!

There is no short way or short USSD code so you can find out your XL number. This is the only way you can do it.

If you feel that how to check your XL number with this method is too complicated, you can go the second way, gang!

How to Check XL Number Through Customer Service

If you usually call the party CS alias Customer Service to ask something, you can really try asking them for help on how to find out the next XL number, gang.

In this method, you can check the XL number with the help of CS in two ways, namely via telephone or email.

How to Check XL Number via Phone Customer Service

There are 2 XL call center numbers that you can call directly from your XL number, namely 818 and 817.

818 is the number that will connect you with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or an automatic answering machine.

You just have to follow the instructions given by IVR to be able to check your XL number. Oh yes, how to check this XL number free of charge, how come!

Well, if you call the number 817, you will be connected directly to Customer Service. The condition is that this call will cut your credit by IDR 350,- per call.

Meanwhile, if you want to check your XL number but happen to not have a cellphone with that number, you can call the number +6221-579-59817.

You can call this number using any provider at a rate that has been determined by the provider. However, for more savings, you can register for an XL calling package before calling CS.

Oh yes, apart from knowing the XL number, you can also call CS for how to check XL number in whose name. But, generally you can't easily get it because of customer privacy concerns.

How to Check XL Number via Email Customer Service & Website

If in the previous trick you needed credit to make calls, then there is another way to contact XL customer service which is definitely more cost-effective.

The trick is to contact customer service via email and the website. You can send an email to the address [email protected].

In addition, you can also live chat directly with customer service by visiting the official XL website which is located at

How to Find XL Number Through MyXL Application

The fourth way that can be done so that you can see your own XL number is by install the MyXL app on your HP.

MyXL itself is the official application from XL Axiata as a means of data management as well as to make it easier for you to buy credit/quota.

1. Download and install MyXL

  • To do this, you just need to download and install the MyXL application. You can directly download the application via the following link:
Apps Productivity PT XL Axiata Tbk DOWNLOAD

2. Open the app to view the XL number

  • After successfully installed, you open the application. Also make sure you are using the XL internet network when doing this stage, OK?

  • If successful, then you can also see the XL number on the MyXL application home page. Very easy, right, gang?

How to View XL Axiata Number Through MyXL Website

If you haven't installed the MyXL application, it turns out that you can also visit MyXL from your browser! You just have to visit the site // okay, gang.

After that, you can follow the steps from ApkVenue below.

1. Go to the help page

  • Once on the MyXL website page, you will be presented with two login options, namely by phone number and Facebook account.

  • Here you just select the menu 'Need help?' which is at the very bottom.

2. Login with Facebook

  • Well, on the help page you can choose sign in with Facebook if you forget your own XL number.

However, you also need to know that this method can only be done successfully if you previously have connected your Facebook with XL number that you use.

How to Check XL Number Via SMS/Call

Well, how to check the last 2020 XL card number that you can do and actually the most effective and easy way is to make a phone call or SMS, gang.

You can text or call your friends/family/girlfriend, then ask them to send you your number.

Or if you don't have credit to do this, you can also use the WhatsApp chat application to send messages to someone.

After that, all you have to do is ask the person to send you your number!

BONUS: How to Check XL Number In Whose Name

Surely you have received messages or calls from unknown numbers, one of which uses an XL number. You also wonder, who do you think is the owner of this number, and how do you check the number?

Well, you can try to check the XL number through various tips and tricks. One of them you can read Jaka's article entitled How to Check the Latest Unknown Phone Numbers 2020.


Those were Jaka's tips on 5 ways to check your XL Axiata 2020 number.

Some of the methods are a bit 'complicated' but you can use them as an alternative if you want to know your XL number.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want how to check the lost XL number, you can directly contact customer service to ask for help, gang.

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