how to measure height with a smartphone (accurate)

How do you measure your own height? Here Jaka tells you an easy way to measure height with a Smartphone. Guaranteed to be accurate!

The sophistication of smartphones today is no longer in doubt. With a smartphone, you can not only text and call, but also play games, listen to music, and capture images through photos and videos. Even work needs can.

More sophisticated, the iPhone 6s equipped with Force Touch technology can be used as a digital scale.

But do you know, how to measure height using an Android smartphone? Curious? Let's take a closer look at the article.

How to Measure Height with Smartphone

Actually, there are a lot of sophisticated sensors that are provided on smartphones. It's not just an Ambient Light sensor for the Auto-Brightness function; or Magnetic, Gyriscope and Accelerometer sensors for VR headsets.

Even a smartphone can also be a ruler!

Well, one of the sensors that will be used to measure height on a smartphone is the Measurement Sensor. The applications that will be used to measure height are: Smart Measure here are the steps:.

Step 1 - Install Smart Measure app

  • Install the app Smart Measure on your smartphone.

Step 2 - Measure the distance of people from Smartphone

  • Once installed, you can immediately use it. First of all, all you have to do is measure the distance from your smartphone to the person you want to calculate their height for. Then click Get Distance.

Tips: Aim at the earth (ground level) huh! For example, you want to calculate the height of your friend's body, then you have to calculate the initial distance to the shoe.

Step 3 - Done

  • Once done, you can start calculating your height using your smartphone.

Other features

  • Not only measuring height on a smartphone, the Smart Measure application can also be used to calculate width and area.

Cool, right? It's easy to use again. Now you no longer need a manual meter to calculate your height. Just calculate your height using a smartphone.

Good luck!

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