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a collection of the latest HD quality broken cellphone wallpapers 2020

Want to do a simple prank on a friend? If so, you can install a broken cellphone wallpaper that can make your cellphone screen look like it's actually destroyed.

Are you looking for a wallpaper that can make your cellphone look cooler? One solution is to use a broken screen wallpaper.

In addition to making the cellphone screen cooler, a broken cellphone screen wallpaper can also help you cover the cracks that do exist on the smartphone screen.

The broken screen image can also be a joke to make people who see it think that your cellphone screen is indeed shattered like it's been dropped, gang.

If you want broken cellphone glass wallpaper, you can collect a collection of images that ApkVenue has prepared below. Save it on your HP right away!

Broken Cellphone Wallpaper

Install broken cellphone screen wallpaper not only makes HP look cooler, but also can make other people who see it deceived. They will think that your cellphone screen is indeed broken.

In addition, you can also lack on the HP screen with this wallpaper. You can simply use it as a lock screen wallpaper or cellphone main screen, gang.

Let's not be curious, just save and install the group broken cellphone LCD wallpaper which ApkVenue has prepared below.

1. 3D Broken Cellphone Wallpaper

To make the cellphone screen look like a real shatter, you can use a 3D cellphone wallpaper that looks very realistic and real, gang.

With 3D broken screen wallpaper for Android phones, you can also make pranks on friends so they think the cellphone screen is broken or an error.

1. Whose cellphone has the LCD broken like this?

2. This is not a broken name, but a hole!

3. After being thrown.

4. This really broke.

5. Whose heart is this hollow?

6. Like real, right?

7. This is too extreme.

8. How would you feel if your cellphone screen broke like this?

9. HP that was hit by a gun shot.

10. Cool wallpaper but broken cellphone screen.

11. iPhone wallpapers that make you panic.

12. Very real cracking effect.

4. Broken HP Wallpaper HD

HD quality HP wallpapers certainly look very clear. As a result, the effects displayed will look very real and not like an image.

With broken cellphone wallpaper HD, you can prank your friends and they will believe it. Curious to try this prank? Just install the following wallpaper!

1. This one is also the same, the cellphone screen is broken and the LCD error.

2. The LCD has a serious error, gang.

3. Seriously cool!

4. To be rude, this is flawed!

5. The cellphone using this wallpaper must be really cool.

6. Suitable for girls who like fun, gang.

7. Beautiful home screen wallpaper even though it's broken.

8. Very real HP screen fragments.

9. So good, really!

Another Broken Cellphone Wallpaper Collection...

3. Cool Broken HP Wallpaper

Want to have cool wallpapers for the lock screen or home screen? You can install a cool broken cellphone wallpaper image that looks real.

Besides being able to be used as a prank, cool broken cellphone wallpaper and the following present can also simultaneously make the HP screen look more beautiful.

1. If this iPhone screen is broken and error.

2. The machine behind the HP screen is cracked.

3. The screen is broken until it disassembles the system.

4. Very realistic, gang!

5. This one is no less cool.

6. It hurts but doesn't bleed.

7. It looks like an error and problematic HP screen.

8. LCD error in the broken part of the HP screen.

4. Cute Broken HP Wallpaper

In addition to cool broken cellphone wallpapers, there are also funny pictures of broken cellphones that can make your cellphone screen look more colorful, gang.

Although not suitable for pranks, but cute broken cellphone wallpaper still worthy for you to make cute wallpapers that can cheer you up. Check the picture below.

1. Android wants to greet you, gang.

2. Someone broke the cellphone screen until it broke.

3. Patrick was surprised to see what, huh?

4. It's stubborn, you little brat!

5. Just flicked it cracked badly.

6. Hmm, peek what?

7. Android is also a peeping hobby.

8. This one makes you crazy, right, gang?

That was a group broken cellphone wallpaper which you can use to prank your friends or other closest people. They will also definitely believe that the original broken cellphone screen.

In addition to pranks, you can also use broken cellphone images as cool wallpapers to fill your cellphone screen to make it look cooler and more attractive, gang.

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