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Are you looking for a piano app? Check out the following Jaka article to find out the best piano applications on PCs and smartphones

Are you interested in learning to play the piano instrument? There must be a lot. Naturally, because the piano is often considered the most graceful and elegant musical instrument.

Unfortunately, learning the piano through courses requires a very expensive cost, gang. Especially if you take private lessons. In addition, the price of a piano and keyboard also relatively expensive in the market.

But don't be disappointed, gang. You can learn piano without a course with a piano application that you can download for your smartphone and PC platforms for free.

Instead of getting more curious, it's better to just go ahead, let's check the following Jaka article.

Learn Piano Without Course with Piano App on PC and Smartphone

Actually, there are tons of piano apps that you can download from the internet. It's just that, not all of these applications are able to give you a satisfying experience, gang.

Instead of being confused about which application is the best for smartphones and PCs, here Jaka gives some recommendations best piano app for your learning capital.

To make it easier to read this article, ApkVenue has divided the best piano applications based on 2 categories, namely for PCs and also for smartphones.

Best PC Piano Apps

For those of you who are looking for the best PC piano application, here are some recommendations that Jaka has made especially for you.

1. Electronic Piano


Electronic Piano is a free piano application that you can download for your desktop. This application is also available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Don't worry if your operating system is not compatible, gang.

This application can make you feel playing the piano realistically. You see, you can play piano keys by pressing a few keys on your keyboard.

Apart from that, you can also use this piano learning app to play other instruments. You can choose up to 128 types of musical instrument sounds. You can learn to play the drums too, you know.

You can download Electronic Piano for free and it is also compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. Potato spec desktop can also use this application, gang.

2. A73 Piano Station

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Although it doesn't have as many features as other best piano apps, it has an advantage A73 Piano Station.

A37 Piano Station has an interface or display that looks professional, gang. In addition, the appearance of this application also looks like a professional keyboard complete with a description on the slider.

You can use the A73 Piano Station to play 3 instruments at the same time. If it's like this, you can make your own music.

3. Everyone Piano

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The best piano application on this one seems to be the most popular on the internet, gang. As the name implies, Everyone Piano can be used by anyone, from amateurs to professionals.

Everyone Piano has the exact same sound as a real piano. In fact, the piano sound of this one application is able to simulate the pedals on a piano.

You can record your playing, customize the keyboard, even download plugins to make piano sound effects even more authentic.

In learning mode, Everyone Piano provides 3 modes, namely Children's Fashion, Adult Mode, and Elder Mode. The methods taught vary depending on the age category.

Learning piano keys using this one piano application is definitely fun and easy, gang.

4. ButtonBeats Piano


ButtonBeats Piano is a piano application that allows you to learn to play the song you want through a virtual piano.

Indeed, ButtonBeats Piano has a higher level of difficulty than other applications. However, this PC piano application is intended for those who are already somewhat proficient at playing the piano.

How to use it is quite simple. You just have to set the virtual piano keys to be connected to the keyboard on your PC.

Best Piano App for Smartphone

If Jaka had discussed the piano application for PC, now is the time for Jaka to tell you about the best piano application on the smartphone platform.

5. Perfect Piano


This piano application is the most popular and most downloaded by many people. Perfect Piano has 2 modes that you can choose, namely Keyboard and Learn to Play Mode.

Learn to Play Mode allows you to learn how to play the piano using the method falling ball, method drop rectangle & method sheet music.

You could say, this piano application has gameplay similar to piano tiles, but you press a combination of several keys to sound the piano key.

Perfect Piano also provides 70 sample songs to help you learn. Learning the piano just got easier, gang. In addition, you can download this application for Android as well as iPhone.

InformationPerfect Piano
DeveloperRevolution Soft
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.2 (873.125)
SizeVaries depending on device
Android MinimumVaries depending on device

6. My Piano

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The next best piano app is My Piano. This application has a fairly simple appearance, but is equipped with various features that will surely make you satisfied, gang.

Unfortunately, My Piano doesn't come with a learning mode like other piano apps. However, if you already have experience playing the piano and want to play the piano, this application can be an option.

One of the excellent features that My Piano has is Studio Quality Sound which makes the piano sound from this application resembles the sound of a piano in a studio.

Not only piano, you can also play up to 11 instruments and use 7 different sound effects.

InformationMy Piano
DeveloperTrajkovski Labs
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.1 (312.644)
Size21 MB
Android Minimum2.3

7. Pianist HD: Piano +

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Another best piano application that you can download for your smartphone. Pianist HD: Piano + offers easy and practical piano playing experience.

You can learn popular classics on the piano in a system similar to the Piano Tiles game. The difference is, Pianist HD uses a combination of several keys to play piano notes and keys.

The excellent features of Pianist HD are multiple keyboards where you can play 2 keyboards / pianos at once on one screen. You can also use different sound effects on each piano.

InformationPianist HD: Piano +
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.4 (741.584)
Size15 MB
Android MinimumVaries depending on device

Bonus: Apart from Piano Applications, Here Are Other Recommended Music Instrument Applications

If you are already good at playing the piano and want to try learning other musical instruments, you can try using a music application that you can try directly on your smartphone.

For more information about other musical instrument applications, you can read here: 6 Music Applications That Make You Good at Playing Musical Instruments.


That's Jaka's article about the best piano applications on PCs and smartphones. Hopefully with the application above, you will become more and more skilled at playing the piano, gang.

See you in the next Jaka article!

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