shhh... these 5 hacking methods can be applied by beginners!

To learn the science of hackers is officially very expensive, but on the internet there is some knowledge that is even shared for free. Not only free, but also applicable for those of you who are still beginners. Come on!

Hackers is a cool profession in the IT world. It can be understood because it seems as if this profession is a versatile profession. Not only that, even the cost to study hacker science is officially classified as quite expensive.

Well, although the official knowledge is very expensive, on the internet there is some knowledge that is even shared for free. Not only free, but also applicable for those of you who are still beginners. What knowledge is that? Read through the Jaka article the following.

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Here Are 5 Hacking Ways That Beginners Can Apply

Learning hacker science is indeed very exciting, because with it we seem to have more power in the IT field. Can use people's WiFi, can use people's social media accounts, and so on.

Well, if you still don't know anything about hacker science and want to learn, then you should read 5 hacking methods that can be applied by beginners as follows. Oh yes, one important note, use this knowledge wisely yes.

1. Keylogger

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The first one is Keylogger, which is an application that can record the typing activity of computer users. This method is very simple, but proven to be very effective. Starting from social media accounts, emails, games, and others can be stolen through this method.

There are several ways to do this. Starting from using a special software to do Keylogger, or a simple way with use notepad. Well, for a simple way to use notepad, you can read how through the following Jaka article.


2. Windows Login Hack

Photo source: Photo: Tech Journey

Next there is Windows login hack, which means that you will be able to use anyone's computer with Windows OS, even if the computer is protected by a password.

The trick is to use the method Windows login password reset. Although basically this method is intended to solve the problem of forgetting passwords, actually the same method can also be used to solve the problem of forgetting passwords log into someone else's computer. For the detailed method, you can see Jaka's following article.


3. Hack In-App Purchase Android Games and Apps

Photo source: Photo: Cookie Run Wiki

Next is to do hack on android apps and games which provides purchasing services in it. For example, a game called Cookie Run which provides a service to purchase 100 crystals for Rp. 100 thousand. You can hack, without buying and get 100 crystals.

To allow this to happen, you need an app called Lucky Patcher. The method is relatively easy. But if you are confused, you can also read the detailed method through the following Jaka article.


4. WiFi Hack

Photo source: Photo: The Wire Cutter

The next hacker science that you can apply is a WiFi hack. By using this method, it allows you to get free internet access via someone else's WiFi.

To make this possible, you need two pieces of software, namely Jumpstart and Dumper. The method is not difficult, you just read it Jaka's following article. In the article, Jaka has described the method in detail so that you can easily understand it.


5. Facebook Hack

Photo source: Photo: Hackers Online Club

Last one Facebook hack. This way you can use someone else's Facebook account. The real Facebook hack classified as very difficult. But apparently there are certain terms and conditions that can make it easy.

These terms and conditions are referred to password security used by the account holder. If you're lucky, you can hack it via forgot password method. What are the details, you can see in Jaka's following article.


Well, that's just Jaka's article about 5 ways to hack which can be applied by beginners. Hopefully useful and good luck!

Notes: Jaka is only limited to providing information for your knowledge. Regarding what happens when this knowledge is misused, it's all your responsibility.

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