7 best android psp emulator november 2017

PlayStation Portable aka PSP is one of the most popular portable consoles. To play it, here are the 7 best Android PSP emulators in November 2017.

PlayStation Portable aka PSP is a game console portable which was very popular at the time. This game console made by Sony has produced a variety of games that are sure to make you nostalgic to play them again.

Take it easy, with a variety of game emulators available today, you can play PSP games easily on Android smartphones. Here Jaka wants to review and let you know 7 best Android PSP emulators in November 2017.

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7 Best Android PSP Emulators November 2017

1. PPSSPP - PSP Emulator

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PPSSPP arguably the most popular PSP emulator in the world today. Besides being available on Android smartphones, you can play PPSSPP on a desktop PC guys. According to some PPSSPP circles, it becomes most convenient PSP emulator used and compatible on almost all Android.

For those of you who need performance, PPSSPP can be said to be the most powerful because it always gets updates latest. It's available in a free version, you can also buy it to get rid of the ads in the emulator.

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2. AwePSP - PSP Emulator

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For those of you who need simple controls, AwePSP you can count on. Even though it seems to imitate PPSSPP as the best PSP emulator, you can rely on AwePSP to bulldoze various game genres thanks to its performance.

In addition, AwePSP also supports various formats PSP ROMs, such as .iso/.cso/.elf/.ISO/.CSO/.ELF. AwePSP also offers a virtual controller with layout which is quite good in addition to its support for physical controllers.

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3. Emulator PSP Pro 2017

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PSP Pro 2017 Emulators is the best PSP emulator which is almost similar to PPSSPP. This emulator offers various standard features such as fps viewer, menu save and load data and so on. The PSP Pro 2017 emulator is currently available for free.

Even so, you will still find some annoying ads when using this emulator. No need to worry, because the PSP Pro 2017 Emulator is capable of playing games like Persona 2, Dragon Ball Z to Grand Theft Auto lol.

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4. Matsu Emulator - Multi Emu

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Matsu Emulator offers a different concept than other console emulators. This application provides the flexibility to be able to play several game consoles at once. These include PlayStation 1, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance and many more.

In the future, Matsu Emulator will support several other consoles such as the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 64. Well, you won't have to bother changing emulators if you use this best application.

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5. RetroArch

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If you have a hobby of tweaking applications, RetroArch to be one of the best console emulators on Android smartphones. RetroArch is the best PSP emulator that is unique because it is able to play various games from platform different consoles.

Of course this is supported by the system Libretro developed for the RetroArch application. This Android emulator is perfect for you to try for the first time, because it is available for free without ads and support open source.

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6. Sunshine Emulator for PSP

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Sunshine Emulator could be an alternative for those of you who are used to using PPSSPP. But basically, Sunshine Emulator takes the PPSSPP base which is indeed open source and added some improvements in the application.

This emulator offers the best gaming experience with graphic settings which is quite good. Sunshine Emulator can be used on various Android devices and play PSP games with visible gameplay smooth.

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7. Rocket PSP Emulator

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Rocket PSP Emulator could be a solution for those of you who need a PSP emulator but on a smartphone device with low specifications. Rocket PSP Emulator is also based on PPSSPP with various changes.

Developed apps Emul World Ltd. it offers a great gameplay experience smooth along with capable graphics processing. In addition, the audio quality on Rocket PSP Emulator can be said to be quite realistic on various devices.

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So, those are the 7 best Android PSP emulators in November 2017. With this application, you can reminisce about various PSP games both on your Android smartphone and tablet. Which game did you play first? Come on share with Jaka in the comments column.

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