25+ funny short stories that make you laugh out loud 2018

Here is a collection of the funniest short funny stories in 2018 that will surely make you laugh instantly in less than 1 minute.

Comedy was created for the purpose of entertaining and releasing stress. There are many forms of comedy, ranging from pictures, guesswork or stories which are then packaged in the form of sketches to comedy films.

Comedy in the form of short stories or short stories is arguably one of the most instant comedies.


By reading or hearing snippets of short stories, we can immediately laugh instantly.

This time, Jaka will share collection of short funny stories which is sure to make you laugh.

Gokil Short Funny Stories

Here are some snippets of short funny stories that can make you laugh in no time. Checkidot!

Preventing Death

A man was caught entering a clinic and said to the doctor, "Please help me, doc. I was stabbed in the back with a knife."

The doctor, looked at the clock and said, "It is now 2:30 am, and I work only until 2 am. So as you can see, I cannot help you because I have finished today. So please come tomorrow. morning, 8:00 am."

The man said, "But tomorrow morning I will die. Now you must help me."

In anger, the doctor snapped at his patient, "I have politely explained to you that I have finished shift me today, and I can do nothing for you. You have to come here tomorrow."

The man said, "But if I lose a lot of blood by tomorrow, I will die. Can't you see this knife that stabbed me in the back?"

The doctor who was very angry and impatient then took a knife from the patient's back, and stuck it into the patient's eye.

"Now you can go to the eye doctor at the clinic next door, he works until 4:00 pm."

Silent Contest

There was a mother and daughter having a big fight. Because no one wants to budge, the two of them finally decided to silence each other.

Suddenly, the child remembers that tomorrow there will be a school picnic to Yogyakarta. The problem is that all this time it was his mother who often woke him up because he was the type of child who had a hard time getting up in the morning.

Feeling the need for his mother's help but not wanting to start a conversation (and not wanting to lose), he finally wrote something down on a piece of paper. It said, Please wake me up at 5 am.

He left the paper on the dining table so his mother could see it.

The next day, the child was surprised because it was already 8 o'clock. As a result, he was left by his school tour bus. With mounting anger, he then looked for his mother until finally his eyes fell on a piece of paper on the bed that read, Wake up, it's 5 o'clock.

Yes, children will always need their mother's help.

Behind A Vacation

A family is going to Disney Land. After a pleasant and exhausting vacation, they returned home.

As they left Disney Land, the boys waved and said, "Goodbye, Mickey."

Then the girl also waved and said, "Goodbye, Minnie."

Then the father also waved and weakly said, "Goodbye, Money."

New 'Neighbor' Figure

One night Ardi, a 6 year old boy, approached his father who was reading the newspaper. Then, he asked,

Ardi: Dad, do ghosts really exist?

Father: No son, ghosts don't exist. Ghosts are just fake stories found in movies and on TV.

Ardi: But yeah, our next door neighbor said that ghosts really exist!

Father: Son, starting tomorrow, don't go to the neighbor's house again.

Ardi: But, why dad? They are good people

Father: The house has been empty since 2 years ago, son!!!!!


Learn computer

There are a couple of best friends, Rudi and Dito, who are studying computers together. Since Rudi was not very familiar with using the features on a computer, he asked Dito to teach him.

Rudi: Can I ask or not? What is the function of the ENTER key?

Dito: I think it's to speed up the program, Rud

Rudy: Huh? speed up how to?

Dito: Yes, Rud's work is fast, if it takes a long time it's not called ENTER, but ENTAR!!

Rudi: Hahahaha.. you can do it. Can I ask again? I'm already logged in on the internet, then I'm looking for Facebook, why can't I keep going? Why roughly?

Dito: In front of it the word Facebook has been typed in www yet?

Rudi: Not yet. Does it have to be written?

Dito: Yes, yes!

Rudi: What's with the www?

Dito: Uhm, did you know? Yes, if you want to enter the website, you have to type www first. If I'm not mistaken, it stands for Wassalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarokatuh

Rudi: Oooo, is that so, To?! So you have to say hello first. Cool!

Jin Misqueen

Once upon a time there was a young man who found treasure on an uninhabited island. Among the antiques and valuables, he saw an old teapot.

For a moment he thought, In the movies, usually the old teapot contains a powerful genie who can grant the wish of the person who freed him.

He was about to rub it, but then he didn't want to. He decided to carefully choose what wishes he would ask for in the future, only then did he rub the teapot.

After getting these three wishes, he then rubbed the old teapot and out came a genie.

"O my lord, thank you for freeing me who has been imprisoned for millions of years in this thing. As a token of my gratitude, please inform my master's wishes." Jin said

The young man said, "Jin, give me a very big villa where I can live happily ever after with my girlfriend."

Jin looked at the man in astonishment and then said, "Well, if I could build a villa like that, you think I'd live in this old and stuffy teapot?"

Drug Side Effects

A lawyer just woke up after being sedated during surgery. He was not alone in the room. His wife had been beside him since last night.

Slowly, the lawyer's eyes opened and he said, "You are so beautiful!" . Then he fell asleep again.

His wife, who had never been praised like that, decided to stay by his side.

A few minutes later, her husband's eyes opened and said "You're okay!"

Hearing himself said okay, the wife was disappointed. Because he prefers to be said to be beautiful. He then asked, "Why the word beautiful? How come it's okay."

Her husband replied with minimal awareness, "The effects of the medicine are starting to wear off, I think."

Wrong Location

One day a mother rushed into a room. Frantically he said, "Doctor .doctor! I need glasses!"

The people who saw it panicked. Then a man approached her and said, "Surely ma'am. I really need glasses. This is a barbershop."

Frog and Fortune Teller

A frog goes to see a fortune teller to find out if he is lucky in love or not.

The fortune teller then read the frog's palm and said, "I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?"

The frog wanted to hear the good news first.

The fortune teller said, "You will meet a beautiful girl. She will be attracted to you and want to know everything about you. She wants you to open up to her and give her your heart."

"Wow, that's great!" said the frog. "But what's the bad news?"

"You'll meet him in biology class."

God, why are you kidding?!

One day, there was a person who had a very kind heart and was also diligent in worshiping. At that time, he was traveling and got lost in a wilderness that may have never been touched by people.

As time went on, he became more and more hungry. Unfortunately, there he did not find anything to eat. Starting to despair and confusion, he could only surrender and pray, "Lord, instead of being confused and hungry like this, it is better for a lion to come and eat me."

Maybe because he was a good person, his prayers were answered. Suddenly from behind the bushes appeared a lion ready to eat him.

He was shocked and scared, then again prayed, "Oh my God, don't be like that. I'm just joking."

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Short Funny Stories Make Laughing (Ambiguous)

This time it's the turn of the funny story 2018 which is not only super funny, but also has a double meaning (ambiguous) and makes you wonder. Don't think that's weird. Just take a look at the story.

Work With This!

On the outskirts of town, there lived a lady who was quite (slightly capable) with her maid who was always causing trouble.

One day, the maid broke the plate for the umpteenth time, finally the lady called the maid while cursing and said, "Minah, what kind of idiot are you, so if you're working, don't wear this (pointing to your knee) but use this (pointing at your head). , brain) I fired you .." finally the maid left.

5 years later, at a supermarket, the lady met her old maid but in a luxurious outfit with lots of gold jewelry

The mistress called out, "Minah, how come you've changed now... how can you be rich????"

The maid replied, "That's why ma'am, if you're working, don't use this (pointing to the head, brain) but use this one (pointing between the thighs)" ?#$#@

Drunk Farmer

A farmer was sitting pensive and looking a little drunk. A man came and asked him, "Hey, why are you sitting here thinking when it's sunny? Are you drunk?"

The farmer replied, "Because of something inexplicable."

"Then why do you look troubled?" asked the man.

The farmer replied, "Earlier, I milked the cow. I already got a bucket full of milk, but the cow kicked the bucket instead."

"Well, that's not all bad, said the man. Something inexplicable," the rancher replied.

"So what happens then?"

"I lifted his left leg and tied it up."


"I sat back milking him. As soon as I managed to milk a full bucket, the cow kicked him back with his right leg."

Laughing, the man said. "Again?" The farmer answered him, Something inexplicable. "So what happens then?" the man asked.

"I lifted his right leg and tied it too."


"I sat down and milked it again. After getting a full bucket, the stupid cow knocked it over with its tail."

"Then what do you do?"

"I didn't have a rope to tie it up anymore, so I took off my belt to tie the tail. At that moment, my pants were sag and my wife happened to be passing by. Wow what an inexplicable thing."

Who's the Greatest?

Two little kids bicker over who's father is greater.

Irsan's son: My papa is greater than your papa

Jimmy's son: Then my mom is better than your mom

Irsan's son remembers: I think you are right, my papa always said that.

Change position

Wife: Papi, this long vacation, the children ask to stay at their grandparents' house in Semarang. Soon the children want to be picked up by their grandparents.

Husband: Oh, ok then.

Wife: While it's just the two of us at home, let's try a new position, Pi..

Husband: Who is afraid! What kind of position do you want?

Wife: Mommy really wants to try lying down on the sofa while watching TV.

Husband: Great. So what's the good thing, Mi?

Wife: Papi takes the position of washing, ironing, sweeping, and mopping, okay!


Play Doctors

A husband and wife were caught red-handed by their child while having sex in the living room. The husband and wife tried to explain to their half-teen child that they were joking and playing doctor.

The child casually advised his parents, "If you want to play doctor, don't go in the living room, later if someone sees you they will be suspected of having a husband-wife relationship!

Vina Honeymoon

After honeymoon around the world. Vina was asked by her best friend Susi about the beauty of her honeymoon.

"How do you feel about your honeymoon around the world? Impressive, isn't it?"

"How impressive! What a shame!"

"Why, how pathetic?!"

"My husband's hobby is shopping. So in every country he buys this and that, until the hotel is tired and goes straight to bed. I didn't even have time to enjoy my first night!"

Where is the Poor Family?

At a school, the daughter of a famous movie star was asked by her teacher to write a story about a poor family. This is the story he wrote:

Once upon a time there was a poor family. Where the mother is poor, the father is poor, the children are poor.

Not only that, the babu is also poor, the driver is poor. The gardener is poor, the night watchman is poor. the baby sitter is poor. Everyone is poor

Wrong E-mail

A man is on vacation in Bali. His wife was on a business trip to Jakarta and planned to join the next day. When he got to the hotel, the man decided to e-mail his wife.

Because he couldn't find the memo where he recorded his wife's e-mail address, he tried his best to send an e-mail to his wife. Unfortunately, he forgot a letter and the e-mail shot straight to a woman whose husband had just died the day before.

When the grieving woman checked the contents of the e-mail, she screamed loudly and fell to the floor and died instantly. His family immediately ran into his room and saw the contents of the letter on the computer screen.

My dear wife, I just arrived. Everything has been prepared for your arrival tomorrow.

Women's Advantages

Once a daughter asked her mother.

Son: Ma'am, what's the advantage of that woman? Mother : Ah, it's not time yet Son: I don't want it or not, just answer!!! Mother : Later, when you are in 6th grade. Child : Yes, mother!!

Time passed, the child is now in grade 6. Unexpectedly by the mother, her son asked again about the advantages of women.

Son : As you promised 2 years ago, what are the advantages of a woman? Mother : Yes, like you! Stubborn !

Get to know

At one of the seaports in Papua, three men were waiting for a passenger ship to arrive, to pick up their relatives. The three men came from different areas, including Ambon, Batak and Manado.

Before the conversation started, the three introduced themselves, knowing that they had just met, while shaking hands. The man from Ambon introduced himself to a man from Batak: Bakarbessy, while shaking hands. The Batak man answered while shaking hands by calling himself: Batubara. .

The man from Manado was confused looking left and right, after hearing his two colleagues each mention hot items. Without thinking many Manado men were shaking hands saying Air Mandidi.


Children's Funny Stories

Don't forget to give your little one a good comedy intake. The collection of stories below is definitely suitable for your child or nephew who is still underage.

Rabbit Origin

Rabbit: Mom, where am I from?

Mother rabbit: Now is not the time for you to know, I will tell you when you grow up.

Rabbit: Ah mom! Please say now!

Mother Rabbit: If you insist on wanting to know, fine, I'll tell you.

Rabbit: Yes, ma'am! Say it fast!

Mother rabbit: You come from a magician's hat.

The Fate of the Geography Teacher

A Geography teacher is teaching his students how to read a map. After explaining what latitude, longitude, degrees, minutes are, the teacher asked,

"Suppose I ask you to meet your mother for lunch at 23 degrees, 4 minutes north latitude and 45 degrees, 15 minutes east longitude?"

Before the teacher finished asking, a student suddenly raised his hand and replied, "I think you will eat alone.


Weird Animals

Ezteban is a humorous middle school teacher and is liked by his students. In the lessons he teaches, namely Biology, he always includes jokes so that his students are not too tense in studying. As usual, Ezteban was teaching and he asked his students a difficult question.

Ezteban: Students, name the animal whose genitals are on the back! Anyone know no?

Gilberto: Huh? Where is it, sir? If the animal pees, will it wet its back, sir?

Ezteban: Yes, Gil. Think again.

Ekaterina: Ah, we're being tricked, there's no way there are animals like that, sir.

Ezteban: Yes, really. So you all can't answer, huh? Ok, I'll tell you the answer. The answer is lumping horse.

Then the Ezteban students thought hard before finally laughing at the joke of the teacher.

Headmaster cheated

Diego is a class XI high school student, today he woke up late even though it was already eight o'clock. He was surprised when he woke up to find that it was noon, he immediately rushed to take a shower. Even though it was late, he still made time for breakfast first. He felt relaxed even though he knew the school gates were closed and guarded by security guards. For Diego and his naughty friends, the school fence is a gate that will never close.

Confidently, Diego headed for his school and headed straight for the school fence to enter it. Like the Ninja Warrior contestants, Diego nimbly climbed the fence and had reached the top. Above, he looks around to make sure the action is safe.As he was about to jump down, he faintly heard someone's voice.

"Hurry down, Bro! It's safe, there are no teachers passing by," said someone.

"Ok, buddy! Wait for me, after this we skip to the cafeteria first, okay," said Diego.

However, as soon as he got off the fence, Diego was very surprised when he saw the person who asked him to come down. It turned out that the owner of the voice was the school principal, Mr. Mendoza. Mr. Mendoza's ear tugged at Diego's ear, then he was immediately taken to the BK room.

Mention Examples of Animal Names!

Teacher: Students, try to give examples of animal names.

Student: Elephant.

Teacher: Now try to give examples of other animal names.

Student: Another elephant.

That's a collection of the most hilarious short funny stories throughout 2018. Success makes you laugh, doesn't it?

Have a collection of other really funny stories that are not inferior to the collection above? Don't hesitate to share it in the comments column!

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