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latest android clash royale mod: add exp faster

MOD Clash Royale Android is back! This latest MOD allows you to gain EXP faster than before.

MOD Clash Royale Android re-appeared! In March 2016, Xmodgames added some new features to use when playing Clash Royale on Android. Some of the latest Clash Royale MODs that can be used with the help of the Xmodgames application include:

  • Auto Open Chests
  • Auto Drop Trophy
  • Auto Donate Cards
  • Block Taunting Emoji
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  • How to use Xmodgames for the latest version of Clash Royale
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MOD Clash Royale Android

Xmodgames is an application that requires access to the Android system during use. Make sure you've done root Android when you want to use Xmodgames. If not, you can read one of the following articles:

  1. Easy Ways to Root All Types of Android Without PC with Framaroot
  2. How to Root All Types of Android with Towelroot
  3. Easy Ways to Root All Types of Android with KingoApp
  4. Easy Ways to Root Android Lollipop 5.1 Without PC
  5. If you can't, you can search on Google with the keyword: "How to Root xxxx")

How to Install MOD Clash Royale Android

  • Download the latest version of Clash Royale Android and install it on Android. Supercell Strategy Games DOWNLOAD
  • Download the latest version of Xmodgames and install it on Android. Apps Developer Tools xmodgames DOWNLOAD
  • Open Xmodgames then select the game Clash Royale. Click Install to install the MOD, if you have clicked Launch.

  • The Xbot robot will appear on the right, click the robot and then select Xmod.

MOD Auto Open Chests

MOD Auto Open Chests the following will help you open Chest Clash Royale automatically. Chest opening starts from the Chest that has the shortest duration.

MOD Auto Drop Trophy

MOD Auto Drop Trophy this allows the player to lose automatically until his Trophy drops. You can set a minimum Trophy when activating this MOD.

MOD Block Taunting Emoji

Do you like to be annoyed with the emojis that enemies give you while playing? Activate MOD Block Taunting Emoji the following. By activating this MOD, you will automatically no longer see emoji and words that come out while playing.

MOD Auto Donate Cards

This is one of the MODs that can be used to increase EXP faster. By activating MOD Auto Donate Cards In this case, you can make card donations automatically. You can set the type of card you want to donate, starting from the card common and cards rare.

Those are some of the latest Clash Royale MODs on Android. For those of you who haven't played Clash Royale, download the latest Clash Royale Android here, Good luck!

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