25+ words of the most unique gamers

Want to show your friends that you are a true gamer? Just try to use the following gamers' words for you to make a status on social media!

Along with the increasingly sophisticated specifications possessed by today's cellphones, now cellphones can no longer only be used as a communication tool but also a medium for playing games.

Because of that, there are now a lot of new gamers that have sprung up, even from various ages and genders.

This gaming trend, which is increasingly being craved by many people, then gave birth to special terms that are only understood by gamers.

Gamers' Words

Although it seems that they are only busy playing games, in fact the experience of playing games actually makes gamers more creative when composing words, you know.

Starting from funny words, gibberish, to wise they can devour everything. So interesting, the words of these gamers are often used as status by other gamers.

Well, for those of you who want interesting gamers words to make it a status on social media or just want to entertain yourself by reading it, here Jaka has collected it especially for you, the gang.

Words of FF Gamers

It is one of the most popular battle royale games. Free Fire games not only able to provide entertainment but also has created creativity for the players.

The proof is that they are able to create words for Free Fire gamers that are entertaining for anyone who reads them.

Do not believe? Just listen to the words of the following FF gamers! Oh, yes, if you are not satisfied, you can also read a special article about the words Free Fire, yes.

You know why I prefer playing Free Fire than chatting? Because looking for booyah is easier than looking for a topic of conversation.

Abandoned when you are still sad it hurts, but left when you are again knocked out it hurts even more.

It's as beautiful as you have memories with your ex, but not as beautiful as my memories with Paloma when I booyah.

Free Fire can tell me which friends want to share and who want to win themselves.

Booyah without sacrifice is impossible, like AWM without scope.

PUBG Gamers Words

Capable of briefly attracting the attention of gamers around the world with gameplay what it offers, currently the PUBG game is not only in demand by male gamers but also female gamers.

Well, for those of you PUBG game fans who are looking for interesting captions to write on social media, the following PUBG gamers' words might be the right choice, gang.

In the PUBG game we are taught not just to fight, but we are taught how to fight and keep the team in order to win Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

If you get off at Pochinki, I will follow you so I can protect you from someone who will hurt you.

Guys playing the PUBG game are natural because girls prefer to be shot than chased.

Don't let your PDKT be like GTA, it's just coded sensitive. It should be like PUBG, meet and shoot.

If I get an 8x scope, I'll use it to watch you from a distance so I know how bad you're doing behind my back.

Words of ML Gamers

Not only good at composing missions to win the game, MOBA Mobile Legends game lovers are also good at composing words, you know.

Well, for you Mobile Legends game players, do you think the words of the following ML gamers are in accordance with reality, don't you think?

Dear girls, if your girlfriend replies to old chats or reasons for going to bed or reasons for having work, believe me at that time they are looking for victory.

We are ML players, not Dilan

Why do I prefer Mobile Legend over Motor GP? Because I prefer to help my friends than to bully my friends.

I invite my ex-mabar to ranked Then I AFK so he knows what it's like to be left out.

My boyfriend told me to stop smoking, I stopped smoking. My boyfriend told me to stop playing Mobile Legend, I stopped dating.

Gamers Words For Boyfriends

Flirting with your girlfriend using seduction or making guesses? That, anyway, is too mainstream, gang!

Try teasing your boyfriend using the words gamers for the following girlfriends. Guaranteed to make you blush!

Be grateful for those of you who have a girlfriend who is a gamer, especially a woman, because your boyfriend is not busy looking for a new one but they are busy with exciting games.

I'm not like shotgun ready to watch over you at close range. But, I'm like AWM who monitors and watches over you remotely.

Our love is like AWM and magnum bullets, both need each other and if one is missing then both are useless.

I just shoot in the game not necessarily ON TARGET let alone shoot you must be MISSION FAILED.

You are like a grenade that can surprise me, just with your sweet smile.

English Gamers Words

Want to look cooler by using English captions? If so, the following words of English gamers are perfect for you to make a caption or status on social media.

Only good gamer who can put up from any situations.

Only true gamers can survive in any situation.

The only way to become the good gamer is learn, learn, and learn.

The only way to become a good gamer is to study, study, and study.

There's no zero chance when we're playing. Just try whether we would win or not.

There is no empty hope when we play. We just have to try to win or lose.

You have to handle every situation to be a winner on a match.

You must be able to overcome all situations to be a winner in a match.

There's no way to be a good gamer in a short time.. So you have to go carefully.

There is no way to become a good gamer in a short time.. So you have to be careful.

Well, that was a collection of unique and interesting gamers' words that Jaka had specially collected for all of you, gang.

Are you a gamer child and have other interesting gamers words? Can you share in the comments column below!

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