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how to make a cool esport logo on android

Want to make a cool squad logo like the EVOS logo? Here Jaka reviews how to make a cool eSport logo on Android that you can try (suitable for ML, FF, and PUBG).

Not just for fun. Maybe some of you have already formed squad and want make a team eSports alone, right?

Indeed, with the scene eSports which is growing rapidly, your chances are very open to be like the teams eSports kind of famous RRQ, EVOS, Bigetron, and others, gang.

But before that, there are things you must prepare! Especially if it's not a logo squad cool to increase your confidence level.

Curious how to make it? Come on, let's take a look at the reviews how to make a logo eSports cool for Mobile Legends, PUBG, and Free Fire, directly use your Android phone below!

Collection of How to Make a Logo eSports Cool on Android, Can Be Similar to the EVOS Logo!

The logo that you will create below can be used for several needs. For example logo guild FF, logo squad ML, and others.

Photo source: revivaltv.id (The ML logo of the EVOS squad is getting fiercer because it has won several national and international tournaments)

By creating a cool logo, for example like EVOS logo who takes the tiger icon will surely reflect team spirit as well as intimidating squad opponent.

To create a logo eSports like that, now you can take advantage of your Android phone. There are at least two easy methods that you can do, either with the application or online on line here!

How to Create a Logo eSports on PixelLab (Android App)

First, you can make a logo eSports squad by using the Android application. Where in this article Jaka will use a photo editing application called PixelLab.

Following are the steps how to make a logo eSports at PixelLab that you can follow, gang.

Step 1 - Download PixelLab Apps & Logo Material

  • First of all, you first download the application PixelLab and eSport Logo Material whose data Jaka has prepared via the link below.
Apps Photo & Imaging App Holdings DOWNLOAD

Download the eSport Logo Material: Here!

Step 2 - Install and Extract Logo Material

  • Install the PixelLab application on your Android phone and extract Material eSport Logo in .RAR format on your internal memory.
  • Place the eSport Logo Materials folder in a location that is easy for you to find, gang.

Step 3 - Change Background

  • If so, now you can open the PixelLab application. First time select type background which you can find on the menu sliders in the below section.

Step 4 - Add Logo eSports

  • Then add the logo material eSports with a tap tab with a hexagon-shaped icon at the bottom then select an option Import. Select the logo you want to use.

Step 5 - Position the Logo

  • Then position the logo in such a way on the layers that you use in the PixelLab app.

Step 6 - Copy Layers Logo

  • PixelLab allows you to use more than one layers in the application. To use a different color, ApkVenue will use two layers logos, gang.
  • To copy layers, you just tap the icon Layers which is at the top right. Then tap the icon next to the lock and select Copy.

Step 7 - Position the Logo in the Center

  • Automatically layers the logo will be two like in the image below. Then you can rearrange the position of the logo until it is in the middle.
  • The way you live is back to the menu Layers, choose layers, tap the icon next to the lock and select the option as marked by ApkVenue.

Step 8 - Change Logo Color in Layers Lower

  • To change the color of the logo, you just select layers which is to be changed. Here ApkVenue will change the color to black first by using layers the logo below.
  • Then go to tab with a hexagon icon and select an option Color. Next activate toggle and select the color you want to use.

Step 9 - Remove Logo Color in Layers On

  • Switch to layers above, here you have to remove the black color to bring out the color in layers behind. How to tab with the hexagon icon you go to options Erase Color.
  • Activate toogle, then select color picker to select the black part of the logo to bring up the colors in the layers lower.

Step 10 - Change Logo Color in Layers On

  • Do the same steps as in point 8 if you want to change the color on the layers up, gang.
  • You can also tinker with the logo by adding various effects, such as 3D effects, shadows, and more.

Step 11 - Add Text

  • You can also add text by tapping tab with the "A" icon and select the option Text until the text appears "New Text" on layers.

Step 12 - Change Logo Text

  • To change the logo text, you just have to double-tap on the "New Text" section and change the name to your liking. If you have just tap OK.

Step 13 - Change Fonts Logo

  • Then you can also change font logo by going to options Fonts on tab the same one. PixelLab provides many options font which you can use.
  • If choice font less, you can too install before font that ApkVenue has included in the eSport Logo Material file above.

Step 14 - Save Logo

  • Do exploration in making a logo eSports at PixelLab follow your creativity, gang. If you are sure you just keep it.
  • Here you just tap the icon Save in the bag section and select Save as Image to save in .JPG format.

Step 15 - Done

  • Finally, all you have to do is make settings such as image format and resolution, if you have it, just tap Save to Gallery.
  • This is what the logo looks like eSports that ApkVenue made using the PixelLab application. What do you think?


How to make a logo eSports In PixelLab, which Jaka practiced, this was not maximized because of the limited manufacturing time. With a longer time, of course you can be as creative as possible by adding various effects.

How to Create a Logo eSports No Application (On line)

If you are lazy to install the application, there is also how to make a logo eSports online alias without an application that you can directly do through browser on your Android phone.

How to? Let's see the full steps below!

Step 1 - Go to Placeit . Site

  • First, open the app browser in smartphone you and go to the site Placeit (//placeit.net/). To start creating your logo, just select the option Gaming Logo Templates as follows.

Step 2 - Select Templates Logo Squad

  • Then you just choose templates the FF or ML logo you want to use. Placeit provides up to more than 1000 templates which you can use.

Step 3 - Change Logo Text

  • Go to tabText to change the logo text to your liking. Here you can also choose the type font and colors provided by Placeit.

Step 4 - Change Color Background

  • Then change the background color on tabBackground through the color panel provided.

Step 5 - Change Logo Illustration

  • If you think the logo illustration doesn't fit, you just have to go to tabPlay Color and select the logo recommended by Placeit.
  • You can also choose other options by entering keywords in the column provided and select the color combination you want.

Step 6 - Change Background Effect

  • There is also an option to change the background effect found on the tabBackground Effect which you can choose as you like.

Step 7 - Save Logo eSports

  • Placeit is a premium service so you can't download high-quality logo files without making a payment option.
  • To outsmart it, you can do it by doing screenshots HP screen and crop in a 1:1 ratio. Pretty easy, right?


Make sure the internet connection is fast and stable while creating the logo eSports online at Placeit. The logo you downloaded is only low resolution and contains watermark, although it's not too annoying when you use it in the game, gang.

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Well, that's how to make a logo eSports cool directly on Android phones, gang. You can also use it for a logo squad Mobile Legends, Free Fire, PUBG, or other games.

So it's proven that you don't need to use a design application like Adobe Photoshop to make a logo squad Cool, right?

So hurry up and try and share your logo results in the comments column below!

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