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how to make a credit card online, easy & fast!

How to make an online credit card for BCA, Mandiri, and others can be done easily and practically at home. Check the steps here!

Previously, making a credit card might have been a hassle because you had to go to the bank and queue for a long time. However, now there is a way to make a credit card on line, making it more practical.

Credit cards are already widely used as a payment method. Not only in shopping apps on line, credit cards can also be used in stores offline, restaurants, to shopping abroad.

This payment method is also considered safer because we don't have to carry large amounts of cash every time we go.

Well, for those of you who are intending to make a credit card, but don't have time to go to the bank, just follow it how to make a credit card on line free the following.

Terms of Making a Credit Card On line

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Even though there are more conveniences, but that doesn't mean you can make a credit card on line unconditional.

Generally, applicants must be at least 21 years and have a minimum income IDR 3 million per month. Further terms may be applied by each bank.

In addition, you are also required to have NPWP. Don't worry, you can follow how to make NPWP on line, so equally practical.

Meanwhile, for the documents that need to be prepared so that applying for a credit card is the easiest, on line can run smoothly is as follows.

  • Identity card (KTP/SIM/Passport).
  • Photocopy income statement or salary slip.
  • Credit card billing for the last 3 months (if you already have one).
  • Photocopy bank statement for the last 3 months (for entrepreneurs).
  • Photocopy deed of company establishment (TDP) & SIUP (for entrepreneurs).
  • Photocopy statement of license to practice (for professionals).

How to Make a Credit Card On line Via Site Fintech

Actually there are many similar sites that are already trusted, one of them is which is also referred to as a comparison site.

As the name implies, you can compare the various credit cards available to find the best choice.

However, this site does not issue its own credit card, but only forwards your data to the relevant bank. Following how to make a credit card through which is very practical.

  1. Visit site // and click Check it out here.
  1. Fill section Personal data to get a credit card recommendation that suits your needs.
  1. Click Complete Application after finding a suitable credit card.
  1. Fill section Personal Information and click Apply Now.
  1. Wait for the telesales department from to contact you.

Method Apply Credit Card For Beginners Via Tokopedia

Not only for shopping, you can also apply for a credit card through the application or site Tokopedia.

In addition, you can pay credit card bills here. So that the bill does not swell, you can use a financial management application to manage your expenses.

Well, for those of you who still don't know how, just take a look how to make a credit card through Tokopedia below this.

  1. Visit site // in app browser.

  2. Choose a credit card that suits your needs.

  1. Tap the button Apply.
  1. Complete personal data required to apply for a credit card.
  1. Upload identity document as requested.

  2. Wait for further information from the bank concerned.

How to Register a Credit Card Through the Bank's Website

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Apart from the site fintech and Tokopedia, of course you can make a credit card on line on the website of each bank.

How to make a Mandiri, BCA, BNI, BRI, and other bank credit card is also more or less the same, that is, you have to fill in the personal data needed for the verification process.

Next, you just have to follow the instructions on the screen and wait for confirmation from the bank, usually by phone. Guaranteed the steps are no less easy than making m-banking.

1. How to Make a BCA Credit Card

Just registering for BCA internet banking is not enough afdol if you are the type of person who likes shopping and has enough income. Considering that there are usually many discount promos offered by this CC.

Unfortunately, how to make a BCA credit card without a payslip is impossible for you to do because that is one of the requirements. However, if you have it, here are the steps to register it.

  1. Visit the BCA credit card registration site (//

  2. Click View All Cards or answer questions to find the right card for you.

  1. Select the required card type and click the button Continue.
  1. Answer the question on the window pop-up that appears regarding whether you have an account at BCA.

  2. Enter the required data if you have a BCA account.

  1. Do the filling Personal data required.
  1. Follow the next instructions until the BCA credit card registration process is complete.

2. How to Apply BRI Credit Card

For those of you who want to know how apply BRI credit card, here Jaka will also discuss the steps that you can follow. The method is no less easy, really, by registering for BRI internet banking.

However, to do so unfortunately can only be done via smartphone only and can't go through a laptop/PC. Come on, take a good look at how!

  1. Visit the BRI Credit Card website (//

  2. Select the required card and click the button Apply with privacy or Choose Card.

  3. Click button Continue on the window pop-up emerging.

  1. agree Terms and conditions on the window pop-up that appears and press the button Start Filling.
  1. Fill in all the required personal data forms and follow the next instructions.

3. How to Make an Independent Credit Card

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Besides BCA, other credit card issuers that are quite in demand are banks independent.

Moreover, the choice of card types offered is quite diverse, so you can still choose according to your needs and abilities.

Unfortunately, for now the credit card application service on line Mandiri on its official website is currently unusable and it is not known for sure what the reason is.

Most likely, this happened because of the impact of the pandemic which greatly affected the customer's economic condition so that the credit card application service was temporarily suspended.

How to Make a Credit Card Offline

Although it offers convenience and practicality, in fact not everyone is interested in making a credit card online on line.

Especially for parents who have limitations in operating the device gadgets, coming directly to the bank must be the way they think is the easiest.

If you really prefer this method, that's fine! Here Jaka will explain the steps that you can follow.

  1. Prepare the required documents.
  2. Visit the bank branch of your choice.
  3. Queue in section customer service (CS).
  4. Fill in the application form and submit the required documents to the CS section.
  5. Do the interview process with the bank.
  6. Wait a few days for the bank to contact you to provide information on the status of the application being accepted or not.
  7. Wait about 14 working days and the credit card will be sent to your address.

That's how to make a credit card on line which is very practical because it can be done anywhere and anytime as long as your device is connected to the internet. That way, you don't have to bother going to the bank anymore.

After your credit card application is approved by the bank, you should use it wisely. Don't let the credit card you just get make your expenses even more burdensome.

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