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what is frames per second (fps) in games and videos?

FPS is how many frames (images) are generated each second in a game. Check out the following explanation to find out the right FPS!

For those of you who like to play games or watch videos, surely you have often heard the term FPS. As you already know, FPS stands for frames per second.

FPS plays an important role in the graphics quality of a game and video. In the case of games, the higher the number of FPS, the smoother the movement in the game, for example, in 120Hz Android games.

In the video itself, the higher the FPS number, the clearer and smoother the video will run. You will also find this when recording using HP with the best quality camera.

So, do you actually understand what FPS is? Maybe you are still confused by Jaka's explanation from earlier. If so, just take a look at the further explanation about FPS below.

Not only in the game world, FPS is also often discussed in the film industry. This is not surprising because they both display moving images.

Yes, when you watch a movie, you are actually watching a collection of images. when there the more pictures and the faster the transition between one image and the next, then the movement looks so real. This way, you'll feel like you're watching a video instead of a moving image.

An example of this you can feel when you watch The Hobbit trilogy which is a film with 3D effects and was shot in a movie 48 FPS. In fact, most Hollywood movies have 24 FPS.

How fast the frames in the film roll are rotated and shone towards the cinema screen is referred to as frame rate, and the unit is frames per second.

What is FPS?

Photo source: Logical Increments Blog

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that FPS is the number of image views (frames) generated in graphic form in one second. For example, 30 FPS is the display of 30 images every second.

The best VGA card can affect the number of FPS and graphics quality displayed in the game. Measuring the performance of a VGA card can be done by referring to the frame rate that ApkVenue has described above.

If you are still confused, the frame rate is how fast images are shown per second, while FPS is how many images shown per second.

Well, the best graphic Android games definitely have a high number of FPS. If the FPS and VGA card are not balanced, then the display on the game will be slow or cracked.

Then, how much FPS is actually suitable for games? Before answering this question, you must first know what the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS is in games.

What is the Difference Between 30 FPS and 60 FPS?

Photo source: Quora

On popular game consoles and PCs, the recommended FPS rate is 60Hz, while on smartphones games are often limited to just 30Hz for reasons of battery convenience and temperature.

To date, the numbers Highest FPS what PC can achieve is 240Hz. With this FPS level, of course you can find character movements that are so natural like objects real like humans.

Now, difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS you can see in the picture above. When the car makes a turn, the game with 30 FPS displays a beautiful picture blur. Meanwhile, in games with 60 FPS, the image is more stable despite a lot of movement.

This can be referred to as motion blur. Simply put, motion blur is the loss of detail when we see something that is moving very fast. This is because our eyes only have a limited focus area.

Motion blur appears because we see a set of images that are displayed in a short time. In 30 FPS games, fewer images are displayed every second than in 60 FPS games. When there is fast movement, a small number of frames is not enough to create a picture that is smooth, then arise blur the.

How Much FPS Is Good For Games?

Photo source: GameRevolution

Today, most smartphones have screens based on 60Hz. This means that the device can run games at up to 60 FPS if supported by an adequate chip.

To find out how much FPS is good for a game, you have to know the comparison of each FPS and the graphics it will produce. Here's the explanation.

  • <15 - Can't play: If the PC you are using can only display images of less than 15 FPS, then the device cannot be used to play because the minimum specification for the game is 30 FPS.

  • 15-30 - Almost able to play: You can only play certain games, especially the very light ones.

  • 30-45 - Enough: You can play games with pretty good graphics. However, if a game requires an FPS level higher than 45, then you cannot play the game.

  • 45-60 - Comfortable: You can play games comfortably because you can enjoy the graphical display with Full HD resolution. This also applies to heavy games.

  • >60 - Very Comfortable: You will feel very comfortable when playing games because you can enjoy a very graphic display smooth. Heavy games like PUBG can also be played evenly.

FPS on Video

As Jaka said above, FPS is also present in the videos you record. But there is a slight difference that you should know, gang.

If your video says 30fps, it means that there are 30 images that make up the motion in the video in 1 second.

Meanwhile, if your video says 60fps, it means that there are 60 images that make up the motion in the video in 1 second.

If you want to compare which one is better, of course the video with 60fps is theoretically better, considering the more frames in 1 second, the smoother and less broken the video will be.

From Jaka's explanation above, you can see that FPS stands for frames per second and is the number of images displayed per second. The higher the FPS rate, the smoother the motion in the image will be.

You could say 60 FPS is good for use in games because it is able to provide a comfortable graphic display for our eyes. Higher FPS will give a much better view smooth, but this must also be supported by adequate tools.

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