how to hack wifi password with android smartphone

some WiFi networks are set with passwords so that no random user can use them. Well, how to hack wifi password with Android

To get free Internet access, we can rely on the WiFi network. It's good to be able to save more quota if we use the WiFi network on campus, office or other public places. Unfortunately not all WiFi networks in Indonesia are available for free.

Although free, some WiFi networks are set up with password so that no random user can use it. Well, how to hack a wifi password with Android, JalanTikus has a way, here's the review!

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How to Hack WiFi Password With Android

Actually, there are many ways to hack WiFi passwords, especially if you use a computer. But according to Zenith, This year traffic The internet is dominated by smartphones. Which in 2012, smartphones only contributed 40% on traffic world internet. Meanwhile this year traffic Internet of smartphones and tablets has increased to 68%. So, let's find out how to hack WiFi password using an Android smartphone!

How to Hack WiFi Password with Android Smartphone

To find out how to hack a modem's WiFi password, you can use the help of an Android application called WIFI WPS WPA TESTER. In order for this application to run, your Android smartphone must be installed.root.

If your smartphone has not beenroot, please read the following article:

The way to find out the WiFi password with an Android smartphone is as follows:

  • Download app WIFI WPS WPA TESTER.
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  • Once installed, you will be prompted to install Bussybox and also grant root access. Just install and give access root just.

  • If you have, you can start how to hack WiFi passwords by pressing the button Refresh. A list of available WiFi networks will appear around you.

  • Select the WiFi network you want, then click Connect Automatic PIN. Later automatically software this will work to find out what password WiFi from that network.
  • If successful, a message like the image below will appear. You can click Copy Password to Clipboard to enter the password to the WiFi network you want.

So this article Jaka made, how easy is it? By hacking WiFi passwords with Android, you can surf for free anywhere even when you find a WiFi network that requires a password. Good luck!

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