advanced! These are 10 application builder sites without coding

To be able to make applications without coding through this website is quite easy, because there you just have to register and are told to complete the forms provided by the site.

Many people think that if we want to make an application it must have coding skills tall one? But I don't think it's true, why? Because in this sophisticated era, there are many sites that provide a place for Create applications without the hassle of coding.

To be able to make applications without coding through this website is quite easy, because there you just have to register and are told to complete the forms provided by the application maker site. Here he is website to create apps without coding.

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10 Sites To Create Apps Without Coding

1. AppMachine

The first app builder website i.e. AppMachinineYou can use this site to create applications and iOS with a professional and attractive appearance.

This AppMachine also provides a drag and drop interface and can be combined with various building blocks that offer various features, such as information, photos, videos, etc.

To create an application on AppMachine, it's quite easy, you just have to register, after that you can directly edit or create applications.

2. Appery.lo

The next application builder website is Appery.lo, this application is one of the first sites to offer enterprise mobile application development with backend services and has many API plugins that will simplify integration with cloud services and enterprise systems. combines the ease of visual development with the power of JavaScript to be able to create mobile applications on various devices quickly.

This site is well known in the world of mobile application development. More than 30 sites have discussed in their articles since 2012.

Some of them are, SDTimes, InfoWorld, TechTarget, CloudTimes, InfoTech, ChinaTimes, ComputerWorld, etc. has 5 package options, namely: Starter, Pro, Premium, Standard and Enterprise. For early users, you can use the standard package which is available for 1 application with a maximum of 3 pages.

Even though it's free, still provides 1,000,000 API calls, 1GB storage, and the stage in providing support through Customer Service and Technical Services.

To find out more about package prices on, you can directly visit the page HERE

The advantage of using this appery is that you can use it via the cloud, so you don't need to download or install anything.

All we need is an up-to-date web browser for the features of this app to work properly.

The feature of is the availability of a visual editor to perform drag and drop components to build the interface. Once done, the created application is not only available for android, but can also be available on iOS and Windows Phone.

For how to make an application on, you only need to register and choose a package, for the free package you are only given 14 days.

3. AppMakr

The next app builder website is AppMakr. With this application maker website we can create android applications without having to bother coding.

Apps created are also released on our behalf, not on behalf of AppMakr. We can use AppMakr for free with ads in the applications that we have created. As well as other features, we can sign up for one of two paid plans.

This AppMakr allows anyone to create applications with their own creations using the **point and click** technique. You just need to follow the guidelines by generation. You can use this application for free.

AppMakr is also available in 14 international languages ​​namely English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Indian, Persian, Sinhalese, Portuguese, Tamil, Turkish, Thai and Indonesian.

Like other application maker sites, AppMakr has an interface that makes it easy for you to create android applications. Simply drag the component from the left to the smartphone window in the middle. Headers, Icons and background images are also available.

4. Appy Pie

The next app builder website is Appy Pie. This site provides you with creating applications without coding. No need to install and download anything, just drag and drop to be able to create the application you want.

When finished, the application you bought can be published to the Play Store or Apple app store. In addition to Android and iOS, the applications that you have created can run on Blackberry, Windows and Kindle.

There are many big sites that discuss the maker of this application, one of which is like Mashable, TechCrunch, Wired, Forbes, Gigaom, TNW, and VentureBeat.

Appy Pie now also provides Game Builder features. With this feature you can also create mobile games.

For the package, this site provides four package options, namely Free, Basic, Gold, and Platinum.

The free plan is available for free but can only create apps for HTML5 and Android and features are very limited and there are ads for our application.

For how to make an application on Appy Pie, you just need to be asked to register via Facebook, after that you just edit it as you like.

5. Good Barber

The next app builder website is Good Barber, this site has a selection of themes and is very beautiful for creating apps.

Want to use a cloud or game theme? All available on this site, 350+ icons with very smooth design are available for ready to use.

In addition there are also more than 600 Google Fonts that you can choose to beautify the appearance of the application you want to create.

In this site we can create applications for Android, iPhone, and web applications for mobile.

All that Good Barber has to offer unfortunately does not come for free, we have to pay a fee to use this application. For more information, please visit the following page HERE.

6. MTT App Inventor

The next application developer website is MTT App Investor. This site is a project of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which has a goal to teach everyone to create android applications with black-based programming tools. Initially this app was developed by professor Hal Abelson at Google.

The Investor App can also run on the web maintained by MIT Media Lab in collaboration with MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL).

This app inventor also supports more than 3 million users from 195 countries. This application is used by more than 100 thousand active users every week which has made this application more than 4 million android applications.

The simple appearance of this site allows beginners to be able to create android applications more easily.

Simply drag and drop the Palette from the left to the Viewer section. Each component can be set its value through the Properties section.

It is called the Block based programming tool because when we create the appearance of this application in the Viewer section, we arrange the components in the form of component blocks that are stacked on top of each other.

7. Appclay Shephertz

The next application maker website is Appclay, this one site can make it easier for you to create or create android applications without having to bother coding.

You also don't need to install software like if you make other applications, so here you create an Android application using HTML5 base.

8. AppYet

The next application maker website is AppYet, by using appyet you don't need to be confused to make applications as you wish. You don't even need to bother using coding techniques because this site uses HTML5 base to be able to create applications.

The advantage in making applications on this site is that you can run android applications that you have created on iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and also on Windows Phone.

As is the case with other application maker websites, Appyet also makes it easy for you to create applications without having to install software.

9. Buzztouch

The next app builder website is Buzztouch. When so many people have Android smartphones, more and more applications will appear.

These applications are very easy to obtain and most of them are free. But if you want an application that is different and in accordance with what you want, you can make it too.

With the help of the Buzztourch website, you can create amazing android apps.

Buzztourch is open source software that can help you create fun and free applications.

And the advantage of using Buzztourch is that you can run your application on Android or iOS.

10. AppsGeyser

The next application maker website is AppsGeyser, this site is one of the application maker sites that is quite popular, because there are so many users who want to make applications without coding on this site.

For how to make an android application on AppsGeyser, you can go directly to the official website.

Well that's him List of No-Coding App Builder Websites which you can immediately try to make applications without having to bother coding.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you, especially those who want to make applications without coding.

If you like this article, you can share it with your friends, and don't forget to leave a comment.

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